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    walked/waded from Dimond Blvd up to the footbridge, also from Gallo's downstream for about 1/4 mile on Friday 8/24 around 10:00AM. water was a little high, but fairly clear. could see to bottom with polarized lenses except in deeper holes.

    I saw only one small dark fish at the handicap ramp at Gallo's and that was it. Talked to other guys who saw nothing also. I dropped eggs into many of the deeper holes and got nada............Also looked at the forks at Piper and saw nothing there either.

    Anybody see or catch any silvers out of Campbell yet this year?

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    Default Campbell Creek

    A guy at work has been limiting out each morning for about two weeks. I haven't talked to him for about four days, but he definitely was catching them. He did mention they were on the small side though. He would get there early in the morning and said if people had already been there that day, they were gone.

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    I live close to the first big bend up stream of Dimond and I have only seen two. Alot less fish this year than last, even the trout.


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