Fished in the Bay on Tuesday, 8/7 for Silvers. Water and weather was nice, so we headed to Cheval Narrows. Quite a few boats, with a few charter boat mooching in the usual holes. Fishing was fast - but only if you wanted to keep pinks. We caught about 60 fish during the day, but only 6 were silvers. Tried fishing shallow, tried fishing deep, couldn't keep 'em off the hooks. I did see the charter boats keeping quite a few while mooching, and heard a few on the radio state that they were slaying them. I don't know that any one limited their boats . . . Did pick up some nice rockfish for the fryer.

On 8/8 we headed east to Latouche. Seward was "blistering" in the sun, but by the time we hit Cape Resurrection we could see the clouds moving in. I stopped at one pinnacle towards Elrington Island, and we hammered rockfish while looking for lings. We did bring one ling to the boat that was too close to 36" to keep - not worth the risk of a ticket.

We continued on the Latouche, anchored up, and fished the next 7 hours for flatfish. Catching only one tide change, we caught 7-8 fish, but threw all but four back to grow a bit more. Nothing large, but some nice eaters in the 2-40# range. Did I mention the water was as flat as I've ever seen it crossing the Gulf there?

General view - nice to get out, but it was definitely "fishing" and not catching. We had a great time, and my out of town guest saw some beautiful scenery in the brief time the sun was out. Silvers are definitely not in as we've seen in the past 5-10 years. There's fish here, but not in the concentrations and locations we're used to. The charter captains live this stuff every day, so they're bound to be dialed in. The private boats - not so much. You're going to put your time in to get fish.

Stay safe and tight lines.