I broke the rear coil springs in my kia sport age, I know I probably can't fix them, so is there a way I could use a different spring for it? I doubt it would blow up the car like shooting the wrong bullet out of a gun would, I think the worst it would do is squat or sit high, as long as I replaced both with the same thing. I was going to look at it and see if I could make use of some leaf springs off of one of my brothers old rangers, or take some springs off a VW bug that a friend has laying around from a trash out. the reason i ask about this and not just buying a new one, is cause from a junk yard its 75 bucks, which is about 70 more than I have to fix it, not to mention I think you have to have some sort of mount or something as right now its the spring sitting on metal, I never looked before it broker to see what it looked like.

I need the car before monday morning, so a quick answer would be great.