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    I've always worked with animal teeth and claws, but just recently got into painting bones. I've been painting moose bones lately (literally using absolutely every part of a subsistance hunt- haha). I was just curious if anyone else spent their free time doing a similar thing? I would love to see other's ideas. I'm giving them as gifts to family this year for Yule (who doesn't love Alaskan gag gifts!?). Here's my current design that I've made quite a few of. I'm not sure what kind of bones they are but I believe knee cap. They're handpainted navy blue with the big dipper constellation in yellow-just like the AK state flag.
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    Default Handpainted Moose Bones

    Do you ever paint scenes on bones? I have some shoulder blades that are quite large. I always thought they would look neat carved or painted, or a combination of the two and made into a clock. Open to ideas.

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    I know I'm late to this post but that is really cool! I painted a few caribou leg bones last fall with some left over duracoat I had after painting a gun stock. I painted the bones black for Halloween and they looked real cool in my makeshift cemetary with the fog machine and strobe lights but this is much nicer and can be handed out as gifts.

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