Greetings all

I'm looking to head to Wrangell for the third time in three years. I'm locked into late May due to work and other commitments--which is early season for Wrangell--and am trying to sort out some good options.

We'll be flying out of McCarthy to do some basecamping for three days with dayhiking, and are considering Horsfeld, Nizina (either Doubtful Creek or the west side), and Hubert's Landing. All should be relatively snow-free by May 20.

Wondering about a few things: 1) access and quality of fishing in Braye Lakes near Horsfeld, 2) general bug conditions in those three areas in a typical year; 3) dificulty of access to the Nizina Glacier from Doubtful Creek side (we are low intermediate mountaineers, would have crampons, axes, a few screws and flukes), and 4) whether we would need or want snowshoes for hiking.

Any info anybody can offer about these places would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any insight!