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  1. AlaskaCub

    Good places to buy Ammo in Anchorage?

    I am headed down to Anchorage this coming weekend and was wondering if anyone could tell me where some the best places to buy ammo is. I know theres a Sportsmans Warehouse in Wasilla and Anchorage, but if they are anything like the Fairbanks store, they never have anything on their shelves. So...
  2. AlaskaCub

    Where is BucknRut?

    Does anyone know where Joshua is, he hasn't posted for over 2 months, I need to get in touch with him.
  3. AlaskaCub

    Pics of my New Tires!

    I went round and round for the last year trying to decide on the right tire for my all Alaska usauge and I can tell you from past experience that MudLites, 589's, and SwampLites werent it. Its got to be a trail freindly tire but also a true mud tire that doesn;t dig, We all know Alaska Mud often...
  4. AlaskaCub

    Ferry Trail Bridge width?

    Some guys I work with and myself were discussing the width of the Ferry bridge and I am curious, what types of wheelers can get across it. I have heard of guys flattening tires, airing tires way up, swapping tires, just to get across it. We all know that you cant cross on the railroad bridge...
  5. AlaskaCub

    Gulkana King Charter Reccomendations?

    I am loking for suggestions for a mid week float or boat based king charter on the Gulkana for the 3rd week in June. Can anyone reccomend some different outfits? Thanks
  6. AlaskaCub

    WTT H4831 SC for Magnum Primers

    I have almost a full pound of H4831SC that I would like to trade for some Primers. Am looking for Magnum Primers, let me know what you have. Located in Fairbanks...Thanks
  7. AlaskaCub

    Pics of New 375 Ruger

    Well after almost a year of deliberation over whether or not I wanted one of these I finally broke down and bit the bullet.. This is the coated version of the Alaskan, wearing a McMillan stock , Warne QD's and a Leupie 2.5-8x36. The coating is cool, and its some kind of baked on finish. The...
  8. AlaskaCub

    Buying a sled w/ a Track missing Mucho Lugs?

    So your thinking about buying a sled that has a 144" x 2" track. How much would you guys deduct from the asking price of the sled if it has lots and lots of lugs ripped off, on the ends, in the center, pretty much throughout?
  9. AlaskaCub

    Can Pelts go bad frozen?

    Just curious if you shoot fur bearers, is there a time frame in which you need to get the pelt off the critter before it goes bad? i.e. Can you let a wolf freeze solid for several days after shooting it?
  10. AlaskaCub

    Trophy Bonded Bear Claw "Tipped" Version Pics

    I have a couple pics for you guys that have been curious about these new bullets. First off, the bad news is that they will not be offering these bullets for handloading, they are only available in Federal factory ammo. I dont reload so no biggy to me but some will be upset. I have always been a...
  11. AlaskaCub

    Man this weather were having is Crazy!!!!

    It was -41 at my house last night, its -12 at my house right now. They have been predicting weather near -35 for the highs and -40 to -50 at night for the entire week. It has warmed up 16 degrees in the last hour and a half here at the house and theres no prediction of this warm up we're seeing...
  12. AlaskaCub

    Cabelas has all VX-III's on Sale

    With Leupold getting ready to release the replacement models scope for the soon to be discontinued VX-III, the VX-III's are being sold out. Cabelas has some really good prices on VX-III's right now on sale, just a heads up!
  13. AlaskaCub

    Ski Skins...Pro's and Con's

    Are any of you running ski skins on your sleds? I have been wondering what the pros and cons are to using em, and also wondering how you pick a pair or are they universal?
  14. AlaskaCub

    Got a Gun Boot on there for now!

    Well a little creative ingenuity (redneck engineering) and I have established something that tightly holds the gun boot to my sled. I know it aint perty but its really on there, no wiggle at all. That back rail is about all I had to work with, and it appears to be okay. If only I could find some...
  15. AlaskaCub

    Mounting a gun on a Sled?

    Interested in the different ways that you guys are attaching your rifles to your sleds. Some guys say use a gun boot and permanently mount it, others say use a scabbard and rig something up. So what do you guys use and some pics would be awesome.
  16. AlaskaCub

    Snowshoes that work and Snowshoes that dont?

    I am interested to hear what you guys use for snowshoes that work really well in deep snow in the winter and rotten snow in the spring. I guess what I am looking for is a snowshoe that actually floats well and doesn't sink too deep. I have some 30" Yukon Charlies that have worked okay but fail...
  17. AlaskaCub

    Must Have Emergency gear for Snowmachining Solo

    Having been snowmachining with friends many times but not spent much time solo riding in the backcountry, I am curious to hear what you die hard solo guys carry with you for emergency gear. Stuff like, fire starters, spare clothes, sleeping bag, shovel, saw, white gas stove, food, the things...
  18. AlaskaCub

    09 Tundra LT 550 vs Bear Cat 570 whatcha think

    I am seriously looking at buying one of these new Skandic LT Tundra's with the 550 fan and am curious how many of you are running em and how you lke em. I have been bouncing back and forth between the Bear Cat and the Tundra LT and I am really leaning on the LT. The 154" x 16" x 1.5" track on a...
  19. AlaskaCub

    Got To Love CVT Transmissions!

    I recently installed new ITP SS108 black wheels and 26" SwampLite tires (that actually measure out at 27") on my new King Quad. Well even with a big bore you notice enough change in the gearing that the machine doesn't feel like it used to. So whats the fix???? A clutch kit! I removed the belt...
  20. AlaskaCub

    The New King Quads w/ Power Steering!

    Well its the story of my life , buy something new, and something newer better comes out shortly thereafter. The new 750 King Quad and 500 King Quad both with Power steering. Truly it appears that the PS is the only change on the 750 but the new 500 will be an interesting intro to the mid bore...

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