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    Outlook for Pinks at Hope this summer

    Any clue on how the pinks should be for Hope this year? I went last year with my oldest and we had a blast. I only got to go once as I took a contract gig in the sand box, but the oldest and some friends went a few times more. I am looking to get my youngest out with me this year, as he said he...
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    Missing Soldier in Fairbanks Area remove if not allowed, I just wanted to help get the word out to members that might be in the Fairbanks or surrounding areas.
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    Marita Sea and Ski/AK Power sport out of business

    Just wondering if anyone knows why Marita Sea and Ski went out of business?
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    Palmer Creek-Hope

    Does anyone know if the gate at Palmer Creek Rd in Hope is open yet, or when it will open? Just curious...Thanks.
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    Richardson Hwy and the pipeline

    Looked throughout the regs, and can't find the answer. Do I have to be 5 miles from the Pipeline south of Paxson to hunt with rifle? Wanting to try and fill my caribou tag tomorrow, so thinking about heading out.
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    Draw confusion

    I was wondering if anyone could clear a few questions up for me concerning the drawing. I am wanting to put in for caribou, so should I do the Tier I or a draw tag? Also, if I do the Tier I do I put everyone over 10 in the household that may hunt, or everyone period? My wife will not hunt to...
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    New .300 WM mag grouping

    I bought a Remington .300 WM SPS SS from Sportsman's Warehouse in May. I bought the combo rifle, and promptly replaced the rings with Ultralight Talley's and a Vortex Diamondback 4-12 scope. I have shot the rifle a few times already using various 180 gr bullets, but can't get it to hold a...

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