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  1. Hoyt-Hunter

    Stuck Outboard Throttle Cables

    I have owned outboards for several years but the last two years the throttle cables have been rusting up near the outboard requiring quite some work to free them up. Once freed up they still are tight and they don't move smoothly. Any advise on preventing the rust up or fixing it afterwards...
  2. Hoyt-Hunter

    Outboard water pump

    Looking to see how often you rebuild your water pumps and if it isn't a set schedule, do you wait till there is a failure? Does a weak stream of water exiting the motor indicate up coming failure? Thanks for the input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hoyt-Hunter

    How far is too far?

    This goes out to those hunting with rifles. I have been noticing a lot of technology readily becoming accessible to the hunting community that facilitates the taking of big game at ranges in excess of 600 yards. I also have seen more than normal a large amount of hunting videos running on TV...
  4. Hoyt-Hunter

    Lucid HD7

    Looking to get some opinions of the Lucid HD7 Red Dot scope if anyone has first hand experience. Thanks
  5. Hoyt-Hunter

    Another Outboard Question

    I have a Yamaha 150 with about 1/8th inch play in the prop shaft. Is that normal normal or should/can it be shimmed?
  6. Hoyt-Hunter

    Lower unit problems

    I have a 2009 Yamaha 150 that just started to make a cyclic knocking in the lower unit when I am in rpm's less than 1000. Does anyone have an idea if this sounds like a problem that can be fixed without taking it to the shop? Thanks up front for any positive input.
  7. Hoyt-Hunter

    Access to fuel in PWS

    I know a seen a thread at one time with this info but can't find it now. Can anyone tell what frequencies and call signs the commercial fishing vessels that carry gasoline/fuel are that work the PWS are?

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