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  1. GD Yankee

    Early Spring Grizzly Hunt with BRWNBR

    BRWNBR (Jake Jefferson) posted a Spring Grizzly hunt earlier this year. I contacted Jake and took a late April hunt. We didn't connect with a bear, but it was a success in all aspects. We stayed at Alpine Creek Lodge (Thanks Claude, Jen, Chrissy and Bob), on the Denali Highway. Like all Jake's...
  2. GD Yankee

    Crazy things you see in gun shops.

    Went to the big "C" store in South Anchorage today. Was waiting my turn to ask a question of a sales guy behind the counter. A gal (could have easily been a guy, but it wasn't) was looking to buy a pistol, but was unfamiliar with guns. The sales guy was very nice, telling her about training...
  3. GD Yankee

    Source for Kestrel Wind Meter in Anchorage

    Anywhere in town carry these? No one will ship to AK because they contain a lithium-ion battery. Haven't found one, yet.
  4. GD Yankee

    When the heck is the 22LR shortage going to end?

    Went to the 22 range at Rabbit Creek the other day and had so much fun I burned through 3 boxes (150 rounds). That used to be no big deal but these days... Thankfully, the last time I saw a box of 22 in the store, there were (amazingly) three 500 round bricks available. I bought one. Haven't...
  5. GD Yankee

    Interesting New Piece from Ruger for Ptarmigan Shooting?

    Ruger is coming out with a longer barrel version of their SR22. Cool little pistol. I have the original, shorter version. Super light. This new pistol would be a great addition with maybe increased accuracy for shooting small white heads.
  6. GD Yankee

    MidwayUSA "Thank you for your business" NOT

    Well, Midway has decided that Alaska is no longer a place to do business. Until this month, you could place an order and use USPS shipping. This is no longer an option. At some companies, if you call and speak to a real person, you can still get USPS shipping. Not at Midway. I just tried...
  7. GD Yankee

    A local legend passes away

    Michael Petrov. I didn't know him except for trading a few posts on another forum, but he clearly was a true gentleman and a scholar. A wealth of knowledge, who gave freely to discussions regarding classic American guns...
  8. GD Yankee

    Distances involved in the Hunter Ed. Field day shoot?

    Got my field day test coming up. Don't know if it makes any difference, but I took the online course. What distances are involved? I read all the F&G verbiage, but still not sure how far I have to set my farthest pin. Thanks.
  9. GD Yankee

    Bow Certification "Online" Field day distances

    Got my field day test coming up. Don't know if it makes any difference, but I took the online course. What distances are involved? I read all the F&G verbiage, but still not sure how far I have to set my farthest pin. Thanks. My apologies. Wrong forum. Posting this over in bow hunting...
  10. GD Yankee

    Powder supply report

    This week (11SEP) both Sportsmans and Great Northern Guns got a big supply of powder in. Mostly IMR and Winchester. Unfortunately it was mostly odd ball rifle and pistol powder. IMR 4227, Win 231 and others, but no 4064, 4895 or other more common rifle powders. Worth taking a look if you...
  11. GD Yankee

    Anyone seen RE-19 on sale?

    I'm getting low and haven't found any in town in a long time. Anyone seen it for sale in either Anch/ER or the Mat-Su? Thanks.
  12. GD Yankee

    Lots of ammo in stock....

    If you're shooting .358 Win! Funny. Anchorage Sportsman's had Hornady .358 Win in stock. 200 grain. Had no idea Hornady loaded .358. Also HSM 6.5x284. Federal .416 Rigby on sale, $40 bucks off - $179 down from $219. Plenty of .300 H&H also. Now, if they only had a 50 round box of .22LR...
  13. GD Yankee

    Cutco fillet knife

    Anyone use one? Looked at them when the local dealer (Josh?) was at the 5th ave mall last year. Do you like yours or prefer something else? Looking to upgrade from my freebie Rapala that i've hacked away with for years. Thanks.
  14. GD Yankee

    Soon to be banned ammo, get them while you can

  15. GD Yankee

    6.5 Swede velocities

    For you 6.5x55 Swede shooters, what velocities do you get as compared to the published values? I loaded some 140 grain Sierra Match Kings with a 43.7 grain load of RE22, as per the Sierra manual. The manual says that should give me about 2600 FPS. My ProChrono gave me me a very consistent...
  16. GD Yankee

    Cool stove saw demoed on "Kramerica" .."Biolite"

    Saw this thing demonstrated on Kramer's MadMoney on CNBC. Looks cool, but not sure how much utility it would have for Alaska hunting and camping. Would certainly be good for a base camp set up, but not, I think for taking into the mountains. It uses small kindling for the fire and transforms...
  17. GD Yankee

    Data for Hornaday 225 grain spire point in 375 H&H

    I got a bunch of brass and bullets from an internet sale and I don't have any reloading books that cover the 225 grain Hornaday spire points (flat base). Anyone have data using RE15 or H4895? Min to max loads from your book would be great. I'm just going to use these bullets for punching...
  18. GD Yankee

    Best 375 for Alaska?

  19. GD Yankee

    Best 375 for Alaska?

    Sako Kodiak, Ruger Alaskan, CZ, what is your favorite or wish list 375 for hunting in Alaska? I love blued steel and wood, but synthetic or laminate stocks are fine. I have a 9.3x62, but I've always wanted a 375. What do people have and what are your preferences. I'm sure the 375 Ruger is...
  20. GD Yankee

    What pistol caliber good for ....... moose attack?

    Tongue in cheek post for the perennial pistol for bear protection threads. This guy had a camera, he didn't say what caliber. Luckily he didn't get hurt. If you watch the video through, you can see the little bull does look unsteady on its feet...

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