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    Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in 480 Ruger

    I finally won an online auction Christmas day at a price I could handle, picked it up from my FFL on Saturday, now I am impatiently waiting for dies, brass, bullets, and a bullet mold to show up so I can work up some loads. I am planning on using 370-420 grain bullets, H110, 300-MP, Unique and...
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    New Deer Bullet for the 375 Ruger

    First 4 shots with this bullet, target was on 55 yards, but it shows promise, hope the cup point and flat nose work just as well.
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    New Deer Bullet for the 375 Ruger

    These weigh 271 grains checked and lubed.
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    LBT Believer!

    So I have been out of control with my bullet mold buying this year, but I finally scored a real LBT bullet mold. On eBay I found an LBT 453 325 WFNPB for a reasonable price, casts nice, and the bullets sized and lubed weigh 340grs from my alloy. I shot a handful I had managed to cast up after...
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    Ready to try them again

    Ready for some cotton tails, I know the 300gr DGX is bit light, but if some jack rabbits show up, I will have the 350gr hard cast for backup.
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    Ready to try them again

    Going to give the big 350gr cast another try in the 375 Ruger, have a different powder to try. If this doesn't work, then it is back to the alloy drawing board, I know this rifle will shoot these big cast bullets, I have shot a hundred or so from the Bullshop.
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    New Elk Bullet

    They are big,I'm thinking I'm going to try them in 45 Colt brass next, as you can see, they cast much bigger than .452 and need significant sizing.
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    New Elk Bullet

    New bullets, still working on becoming acquainted with the mold, but I like them. This is as big as I want to go in the Freedom Arms. The bullet on the right is my 325 gr WFNGC. Solid comes in at 355gr, HP is 346gr.
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    New Elk Bullet

    Was looking for a heavy 454 Casull bullet that would fit in my Freedom Arms, a big game bullet for 100 yards and in (more like 65-75 is my comfort zone). I pulled the trigger on this bullet a few days ago, should be here today, will get some bullets cast up this weekend...
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    Need a deer or plinking bullet for the 375?

    Midway is running a good sale on factory seconds, pretty sure they are Hornady 270gr RN. Received 150 of them, and they sure don't appear blemished to me, even on weight. Just thought I would put this out there. Shot some blemished 300gr out of my 375 Ruger yesterday, good groups at 300...
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    New heavyweight mold in .375

    Let the good times begin! 353 grains of .375 goodness! As cast and one run through a .377 sizer. Tom at Accurate molds creates functional pieces of art.
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    Went to the Mts to recharge my batteries

    Took along my 454 and my 357. Amazing what 2 hours will do to reset the stress levels.
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    Cartridge carriers

    Wondering how many on here use a cartridge carrier for extra ammo? I use a leather one that laces onto the buttstock on my 300 Win Mag, and this one for my 375 Ruger, slides onto my belt.
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    The 375 Ruger Lineup

    Shot the 375 with cast and jacketed bullets of multiple weights, shot my 300 Win Mag with 180gr Hornady bullets.
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    The 375 Ruger Lineup

    Going to try some new bullets and loads this Sunday.
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    Denali Hiway Griz

    I will forever remember this hunt.
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    375 Ruger Optics

    I recently purchased a 375 Ruger, and I am curious as to what scope others have put on theirs. I am looking at the Leupold 2.5-8x36, have one on my 300 Win Mag and it has been a good scope.

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