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  1. Wyo2AK

    Sportsmans to Jims reports?

    Howdy. I'm taking some family out to float Sportsman's to Jim's on the upper Kenai. Anyone who's fished it recently mind sharing a report? Looks like the waters finally starting to come back down. Much thanks, Rich
  2. Wyo2AK

    Upper Kenai - Lake to Sportsman's

    I'm thinking of floating the Kenai from the lake outlet in Cooper Landing to Sportsman's tomorrow - anyone float it recently? Anything to watch out for other than the water being pretty skinny? Thanks!
  3. Wyo2AK

    TAG bags in Fairbanks?

    Anyone know where I can pick up some new TAG bags in Fairbanks? Cheers, Rich
  4. Wyo2AK

    "Last Chance" on Kenai

    For those familiar with floating the upper Kenai, what do folks mean by "Last Chance" between Sportsmans and Jim? Thanks, Rich
  5. Wyo2AK

    Who still looks at the "Outdoor Optics" forum?

    So seeing a recent post ( moved to the Outdoor Optics forum has made me curious... how many forum members still find value in the Outdoor Optics forum page? Now I mean this with no disrespect to Doug or any of the crew at...
  6. Wyo2AK

    Russian River Flies

    A hair under 3/8" and plenty strong. Sorry Moose! :flowers:
  7. Wyo2AK

    My new pup!

    Well it's been a couple years already since my faithful old golden, Bear, passed on to the great hunting grounds in the sky. The last couple years were a bit hectic and I haven't felt like I had enough time to devote to a new pup, but things have settled down and I'm excited to bring a new dog...
  8. Wyo2AK

    What Coho Fly was it?

    Hi Hans. It sounds like you were using articulated flies. You can tie numerous patterns using this method... some standards include Dolly Llamas, MOALs (mother of all leeches), Intruders, string leeches, etc...
  9. Wyo2AK

    Dolly Llama - Ultimate Tutorial (Repost)

    I was recently contacted by the forum host (Pam/Icebear) letting me know that none of the pictures were showing up on my dolly llama how-to thread. Apparently Facebook changed their picture hosting system and the thread couldn't link to them anymore. So... Here's the repost. (Sorry for the delay...
  10. Wyo2AK

    Bullet pulling and resizing brass?

    Hi all. I recently worked up a load for me 300wm that shot well when it was 20 degrees out, but had some sticky extractions when things heated up over the summer. So decided to scrap the load and dial it back a bit. That said, I ended up pulling 50 or so rounds to salvage bullets and powder. My...
  11. Wyo2AK

    Symphony Lake

    Has anyone been up towards Symphony Lake in Chugach State Park this year? With this winter's snow pack and the aspect of the lake to the mountains, I can see there still being ice on the lake. Wondering if it's open. Thanks, Rich
  12. Wyo2AK

    Green Rocks Lodge: bear hunt - any experience? other ideas?

    Hi all. I've got a buddy from back in WY who is looking to put together a do-it-yourself spring black bear hunt. He's giving some thought to staying at the Green Rocks Lodge on Kupreanof Island. Anyone have any experience with this place, whether for bear hunts, fishing or otherwise? (And...
  13. Wyo2AK

    Heating Oil - Anchorage

    I need a gallon of heating oil (type 1) for a public use cabin this weekend. Could someone tell me where I could pick up a gallon in Anchorage? I've never had to buy it before and don't know where to start looking. Thanks! Rich
  14. Wyo2AK

    Lingcod opens in ONE WEEK!!!

    Who else is heading out to chase lings next weekend? I'm going out of Homer the 1st through the 4th with some buddies for our annual 4th of July lingcod expedition. I'm getting excited! Picked up an Avet SX 6/4 from B&J over the winter to put on my Torque. Can't wait to hang a ling on it...
  15. Wyo2AK

    Dillingham June 13-26... fishing available???

    It's not a sure thing yet, but there's a good chance I'll be in Dillingham for work June 13-26. Sounds like I'd have some down time, so I was hoping to get some info on fishing opportunities during this time. I figured I might be able to pay my way onto a boat on the Nush for a day, but other...
  16. Wyo2AK

    Gustavus - last week of April

    So I'm heading down to Gustavus at the end of the month for work. I'm currently sorting out my travel arrangements and if there's some potential good fishing about that time I'll extend my stay a couple days and bring a couple rods along with. From what limited info I find it looks like there...
  17. Wyo2AK

    Gustavus last week of April ?

    Hi all. So I'm going to be in Gustavus for work the last week of April. I was wondering if there'd by anything happening around that time warranting me bringing a rod or two. I'll probably be limited to what's reasonably accessible in/around town, but wouldn't turn down the possibility of a...
  18. Wyo2AK

    Epoxy Alevin SBS

    So this is the alevin pattern I'm fond of using, after trying out several variations of other patterns. Easy and quick to tie. Size 6 or 8 hook Orange chenille Flash & Marabou/Chickabou OR - small pearl mylar tubing Rubber tubing and black chenille for head/eyes Epoxy I use globug hooks, but...
  19. Wyo2AK

    Reloading hardcast bullets for 44 mag. Help!

    So I'd like to get work up some hardcast loads for my Ruger Redhawk 44 mag. So far all of my reloading efforts have been spent on standard 240 gr copper jacketed and copper plated bullets for plinking practice, but I'd like to work up some good hunting and bear-defense loads. I don't know a...
  20. Wyo2AK

    Fly Swap (another)

    What the heck... in honor of the new subforum, let's do another swap. I've already received word some more people would be interested, so rather than keep adding to the first swap, let's just start a second. I'm happy to host another one. I don't get tired of seeing what other patterns...

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