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    Fuel bladders/fuel storage

    Anyone using fuel bladders for extended range? I need to figure a way to haul more fuel without having empty jugs to deal with after draining. Current fuel tank is 125 gallons. I'm looking for a way to haul an additional 25ish gallons minimum.
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    Let's talk trim tabs

    I've been looking at installing trim tabs on my boat. It porpoises a bit until I get up above 35 kts. I've been looking at the Bennett bolt tabs in 12x12 as with my twin engine it doesn't leave much room. I may not be able to fit a 12" wide tab and keep the manufacturers recommended 8" from...
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    Trim Tabs for 18' Achilles SU

    Anyone put any on there large inflatable? Mine needs them and I'm not sure what to go with.
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    Urethane coatings for inflatables?

    Are there any good do it yourself urethane coatings? I have an 18' Achilles SU that I would like to do the bottom on. Or at least some sort of coating to cover all the scratches and threads that are showing. Any suggestions? Paying someone to do it is out of the question.
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    Moeller Marine permanent fuel tanks?

    Anyone know who carries them? West marine only had one. Looking for specific dimensions and capacity one.
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    Raft frame fittings?

    Where have you guys sourced them from? I only need a few fittings to build down rigger mounts on my Achilles.
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    Power lift on inflatable?

    I have a 16' Achilles that I just picked up but it requires a longshaft motor. My old inflatable had a shortshaft 30hp on it. Anyone have a power lift installed on an inflatable? Id like to install one so I can use my shortshaft. Just not sure if I will be able to lower enough and still be able...
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    Volvo penta aq131 needed

    I need to take a look at the alternator brackets for one to take measurements from. If you have one it would be much appreciated. My dads boat I think has the wrong alternator brackets on his engines. Keep spitting belts like nothing.
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    Steering cable question?

    Where have you bought your cables? I need a 10' cable and can't find one in town. Marita and deweys want to sell me the gear and wheel also. I already have an extra that i need to get rid of. Don't need another.
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    Some inflatable questions

    For those that run bilge pumps. Are you just sticking it down through the floor? It would be nice to find one that uses a hose and foot valve so water can't come back in through the transom hole. Are you guys carrying a hand bilge pump? I understand why most do. Although with the one way...
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    Trail river campground?

    Looking to head there this weekend with my 3 year old. She wants to do some fishing. Anyone do any good in Kenai lake from shore? Any help would be much appreciated plans aren't set in stone but we do plan on ending up in Seward at some point.
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    Recoating floorboards?

    I'm not happy with the urethane coating on my wooden floorboard. What else can I use? Garage floor epoxy? I don't want something abrasive. Any thoughts?
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    Fish finder transducer mounting

    The fish finder I have has a flat style transducer. Is there any disadvantage to just running an angle bracket off the back of my transom with an aluminum angle? I only want to do this once. It's on a 14' inflatable. Does it need to hang down considerably lower than the bottom of the transom?
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    First real outboard

    Just picked up my first today. It's a 2000 tohatsu 2 stroke. Runs great. Anything to keep an eye out for? I also need to install a rectifier kit to allow me to charge a battery. Who deals with tohatsus in town or am I better off ordering online? Can't wait to get out with it this summer. Andrew
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    Those with open boats and electronics

    Looking at installing a fish finder on my inflatable and not sure what to do to keep it out of the weather. What have you guys/gals done? Looking for advice so I don't make an expensive mistake.
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    Repairing inflateable

    Just picked up my second one. I need to do a little bit of glueing and redo a couple patches. Any good websites for doing repairs? Maybe books? I've done some searching but nothing good. Have an old 14' zodiac and 14' Avon to fix. Any help would be much appreciated. I want to do the work...
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    Homer Lings

    Anyone point me in the right direction? Not looking for exact coordinates. I'd like to start targeting them but never have. I've caught a few incidental inside the bay but were very small. Been fishing out of homer for 15 years for halibut, rockfish and salmon but never ventured out for...
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    Winter repower to AQ145's

    I'm looking to upgrade from my AQ130's. Nothing wrong with them, just need a bit more. Who's running them? How efficient are they? I can't wait to get them dropped in. Going into a 24' 1976 Fiberform Cuddy.
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    new to me 14' semi v

    I just picked up a 14' semi V sears boat. It needs a little bit of work but was wanting some advice. I'd like to repair and build an actual floor for it. Under the floor I would like to spray some urethane for buoyoncy (sp) and to stiffen the hull a bit. This shouldn't be a problem should it...
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    volvo penta 280 help

    My lift stopped working last year. I can still hear the motor and worm drive come on but nothing happens. I've been told you can adjust them? Has anyone done this before? I'd like to get the lift working again. Also, Is there a bushing on the tilt pins? One side is very loose and I haven't...

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