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  1. Ak Laker Hunter

    Tenkara for silvers?

    I saw this guy catching Kings in Valley. Pretty cool
  2. Ak Laker Hunter

    1st King on fly

    Today went out with my boy for sum c/r in the Parks Valley. Got my first King ever 42inch .maybe 30+lbs
  3. Ak Laker Hunter

    Harding Char

    Warm spring weather got Char very active
  4. Ak Laker Hunter

    Arctic char!

    He went 35 inch. i guess 15lbs. weather is going to be to good this weekend lake is going to soften up on edges. might be last trip driving this weekend.50 degree is coming tuesday
  5. Ak Laker Hunter

    Harding Lake Trout

    Beautiful day to catch my favorite fish
  6. Ak Laker Hunter

    Another trophy Char

    Good weather again produces
  7. Ak Laker Hunter

    Good start for 2014

    Warm weather good fishing.
  8. Ak Laker Hunter

    Harding late ice

    well my season on ice came to a end. Didnt get the big laker that I wanted but I found 4 Trophy Char. Smallest was 11 lbs and biggest going almost 15 lbs. Here is a 1 before memory card got full. sniff

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