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    "Affordable" Yet Seaworthy Vessels. Sailboats? Tugboats? Large Skiffs?

    I picked up an 18 ft Klamath Offshore center console with a 50 hp merc on it and it seems to work fine for trips where you have protected waters nearby. It's easy to maneuver and only sips the fuel. Only drawback is the exposure to the elements and it lacks a kicker (soon to be remedied)
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    Kenai Dipnetting -Beluga Lookout RV Park

    Just received notice that Beluga Lookout has been sold. The new owners will not be operating it as in the past, so all 2019 and future reservations are cancelled. If you planned on camping there this summer, as we have for 10+ years, you need a new plan. Happy dipping everyone.
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    Moose Activity

    Finally started seeing movement about a week ago in the Big Lake area and filled our antlerless tag. These temps have kept them out of the sun, with lots of tracks, but nothing more. Another member picked one up a couple hours after us in the same general area. Just returned from Denali and...
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    Attention Elk Hunters. Tag opportunity.

    Subject: Special Permit for this Season for Afognak/ Raspberry Island Bull Elk All, The Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation has an unused Alaska Special Permit available for a Roosevelt bull elk for Afognak / Raspberry Island this season (2018). We are offering the permit in a special auction...
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    It's almost like Chirstmas in February

    So with just over a week to go until ADFG puts either a gift or a lump of coal in your stocking, if you could only get two of the tags that you applied for, what would they be?
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    2018 AM415 Targeted Hunt

    With the lack of snow I’m wondering if this hot will even happen this year. Anyone gotten a call yet?
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    Thoughts on .338 Federal

    Have an opportunity to pick up a .338 Federal in one of my favorite rifles. Read up a little on the cartridge and it sounds like a decent round, wondering if anyone is hunting with it up here, has hunted with it in the past and what your thoughts are. Thanks
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    Draw warning for the newbies

    I believe this is what they are talking about
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    Good news on the DM413 mess

    So on the eve of the draw I received a letter from the Assistant Director on behalf of the Commissioner it reads: February 16, 2017 Mr. Rxxxxx Kxxxx Via e-mail: [email protected] Mr. Kxxxx, Thank you for your inquiry regarding your draw hunt application and the current...
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    AM415 Targeted Moose Hunt

    Not a "hunt", but watching your daughter take down a big mature cow is about as fun as it gets. Unit 2, 2 hours and 45 minutes from the time we entered the unit until it was down. Saw lots of moose, finding the mature lone cow was the challenge. Lots of curious onlookers, most thought we were...
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    Maclaren Summit Trail Confusion for Caribou

    Here is a trail track showing the alignment of the trail, it is clear that it is in the area that drains to the east.
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    RC860 Taylor Highway advice

    Coming into Boundary you will see the airport on your right. There are 1 or two buildings and then a road to the right. You can drive down to the parking can see it running south on the right side of the pic , boundary, not Chicken like the pic says.
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    2016 Kenai River Dipnetting Reports

    It's only April and the crowds haven't even started the migration south.
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    2015 DM413 Complete

    F&G aged this one at 7 years. She was very healthy, some fat, but nothing like a bull in his prime. She stood tall with another adult cow when we saw her, the other did not have as heavy of a body but looked like a 3-4 year old. Mature head shape and mature coloration. This one yielded...
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    2015 hunting pics

    Dm 413 Dm 413 Another one joins the ranks. Took a bit longer than expected, and luckily the earlier "small" cow gave us the slip. Holy Cow this thing was huge!
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    DM 413 Nov/Dec

    My Daughter drew this tag and I'm confident that we can put her on her first moose. I am familiar with the Point MacKenzie area, having been involved in a sizable construction project out there and I know many of the landowners. I am also familiar with the Jim Creek area so I know there are...
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    Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation Kimber Raffle

    Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation is holding it's first raffle with limited tickets available. Kimber Mountain Ascent, .270 Win If interested, message me or email at [email protected] Cash, Checks or Credit Cards accepted.
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    Late Season Delta Bison sightings

    Had to scrap our fall hunt but it appears we are back on track to head up the end of this month. We have secured permission on several parcels in the Sawmill road area, along with lands near the Gerstle. I know there are areas on the northern edge of the ag areas that are open to hunting for a...
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    2014 Delta Bison

    Was blessed to be invited on a hunt up in Delta 2 years ago and we harvested 2 nice bulls in short order. Earlier this year I received a call from a great friend who informed me he was holding a Delta Bison tag in his hands and wanted my assistance in helping him harvest his bull (or cow I...
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    Took almost 2 decades, but she finally connected

    It all started back on February 20th when wereceived the email that my wife had drawn a DM410 tag. We took a gamble this year and stepped out of the Unit 13 Tier tag and took our chances on the draws, and at this point, the first step of getting a good tag appeared to have paid off. We began...

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