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    Why is Avgas still so expensive ?a

    Auto gas and crude has been at incredibly low prices for how long now? why is Avgas still exactly the same as last year at this time. I talked to a guy that works at a refinery that works avgas. He said they were working on a batch that wuld have been done in mid June. He said the base product...
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    Titanium landing gear

    I am just finishing up installing the titanium gear on the 185. Just working with the old and new gear legs the weight difference is amazing. Installation is a bit of a chore. But, realistically we all need to go through the cleaning and inspection of the gearboxes like this every once in a...
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    Bad mining company

    Just a heads up for any folks that may be looking for employment at a gold mine. There is a mine located at Eagle creek near Mentasta that has run amok . He did not pay his employees for this summer and owes my business tens of thousands of dollars. I will not post the business name. Any savvy...
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    Insurance increase 2020

    I received a letter from my insurance company warning of a 15-50% increase in rates at renewal time. I believe this is an industry wide event due to the accidents we have had up here in the last couple of years. Very sad, I was enjoying some good rates with a clean record. Is everyone else...
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    TFR Reminder

    Just a friendly reminder there are currently 2 TFRS between Wasilla and Talkeetna. Also Swan lake fire on the Kenai peninsula. I did not see one for the Deshka fire but expect it will be posted. Fly safe
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    Missing aircraft alert

    Cessna 172 went missing enroute from Rainy pass to Wasilla yesterday. They have not found it yet. Keep your eyes peeled if your out flying. Weather has been less than ideal for searching. I'm really hoping they find them alive.
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    Looking for a weather report

    Looking for any info regarding snow depth and conditions around Wood river and Delta river areas if anyone has been in that neighborhood. Much appreciated.
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    Missing vessel Montague to Whittier

    Just read about 3 guys n a 20 foot Duckworth that are missing. Called in at 4 PM yesterday on the way back fro Montague Island with engine trouble. Anyone out that way tomorrow keep your eyes and ears open. It would be a happy ending to the story to see them home with family before the New...
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    Desser tundra tires

    I see Desser is making 31" tundra tires . They use a 10" wheel and claim a weight of 20 to 25 lbs. each? If anyone has flown these could we please get a pilot report. :-)
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    Chest pack for hunting

    So I'm tired of dropping my pack to grab certain items. I'm thinking a chest pack that is small and comfy might be the ticket. Has anyone bought a couple and tried them?
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    Continental starter adapter/clutch

    Getting ready to set up an IO-520 with an adapter/clutch. I would like to hear what some of our members have experienced with this. I currently have a new Skytec starter with new style adapter, bad combination here or good?
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    IO-520 Fuel System

    Seems every aircraft with an IO-520 is a little different on fuel flow GPH in all power settings. Sometimes it is a guage off, injection system adjusted properly or improperly etc. My engine is currently in the process of overhaul, so when I install it of course I want it to be perfect. On...
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    Copper river boat launch reports

    Looking for reports on the boat launch by the bridge. We have dip netted for years off the bank, going to give the boat dipping a try this year. From what I understand the launch conditions vary with water level? Thanks!
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    Copper River dipnet boat launch

    Where would a copper river downriver dipnetter launch a boat from? Mccarthy bridge? And how easy is this?
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    Humane society anti-hunters

    For all those that love to hunt and fish be sure to read todays Anchorage Daily news letter to the editor "Nostalgia doesn't trump statistics on the decline of hunting,fishing" by Andrew Page. These guys need to keep their noses out of our state, they get more and more of a foothold every year...

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