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    Kids day for Pike???

    My kids want to catch pike. They haven't stopped asking me all week! I have a 16' scanoe and a 18' alumaweld. I would like to take them out in the scanoe. I was thinking Nancy lake or even south rolly but seems like reports are not helping choose a place. Anyone have a good idea for me? Would...
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    Bear Stand questions

    So are you aloud to build a tree stand any time during the year? Someone told me you can't bring stuff in during the winter! I want to get my kids in on sitting in a stand and seeing bears close up, so I thought I'd start trying to build one like I did down south for deer only make big enough...
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    Kenai this week!

    I have a chance to drive down tuesday night and fish wed. I was thinking about fishing bellow and around the bridge were the lake dumps into the river. Never fished this time of year or that area could use some pointers, hints, secrets anything really. I'm not much of a fly fishermen but could...
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    Fly out pike in Early Aug.

    I have my Father in law hooked on Pike fishing. He will be up here in Aug from the 4-12th. He would like an overnight trip and wants a chance at larger fish. We have done figure 8 , Lake Alexander. I'm fine doing un guided and actually prefer it. Can any suggest a company place that offers...
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    50 Hp Honda four

    I am wanting to repower to a 75-90 hp fourstroke. I have a 2003 honda four with less than 300 hours. I just need a little more power for those times I have four adults in my boat. I have a 18' Alumaweld Stryker. If anyone has a used 75-90 fourstroke or is looking for a 50 Honda let me know. The...
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    My new Dream Boat!

    I have been taking welding classes and hope one day I can build my own boat. This is what I hope to have one day.
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    Fishing kodiak in the fall???

    Looking at a fall bear hunt. I have a 18' alumaweld and I plan on dragging it along to hunt out of! The season runs from in Oct and NOV. I would love to fish for halibut and or anything I can catch. I know the halibut fishing around southcentral Ak slows way down in Sept. Can anyone tell me...
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    Soft top replacement?

    Who does a good job here in Anchorage? I have a 18' alumaweld and need to get a new bimini and windows with the zip down back. Thanks
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    New Puppy

    He's not a bird dog but didn't know where else to post this. His dad was 100% Karelian Bear Dog and his Mom was a German Shepherd. I've had him for 3 weeks now. He is 9 weeks old. This pict was taken a few days ago. He is very good with both my kids 5&9 and the cat. Well he gets a little rough...
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    Pilot for 20A area?

    Can anyone tell me who could fly me around a certian part of 20A. I will be hunting the area for moose and have never been up there before. I would like to get a good look at the area and mabey spot a few moose a few days before I head in. Thanks
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    2007 Grizzly 660 won't go into park

    I can't get my grizz into park. It has under 400 miles on it. Anyone have any clue to what i can do?? Thanks
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    silvers in kenai yet??

    Just wondering if the silvers have started to trickle in!
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    Moose hunt DM771 in unit 20A

    Just wondering if any that has hunted this area would like to share some info or insite. I have never hunted that area but I drew the DM771 Permit. Looks like about a 14-20 mile ride in on rex trail. I plan on spending 12-15 days in the woods in hopes of getting my first moose. Any info or...
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    Valdez area halibut

    I have a 18' alumaweld stryker and would like to make it to the bligh reef area. Can anyone tell me if the areas withen 3 miles in any direction is worth fishing. Looks to me like a great yellow eye and ling cod area. Is thier any halibut to be found ?? Im headed that direction this weekend and...
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    Ninilchik area ?

    Anybody have any King or halibut reports? Im heading down Wed night and fishing all day thur. I will post a report on friday or Sat. Mabey even a pict or two. Summer time:D
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    Anyone going fishing this week?

    I haven't got my boat out and ready to go but I want to go fishing. If anyone is headed out I would be willing to help with gas and bait. I have my own gear etc. Just wanting to get out on the water. Thanks
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    Best place to bring kids to fish salt from shore?

    I have two kids and Im sure Im not the only one who will benifit from this question. What are some of the better places to bring the kids. I've always like the end of homer spit. What area this early in the year? Let's hear some ideas.
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    Nhl playoffs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    PUCK DROP IN 5 MIN. May the path to hold LORD STANLEY be a sweet one. Let's play some hockey. Let's go Boston.
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    Kenai lake or any lake near by

    Im looking to get the new to me skanoe out on some open water with the kids. Can anyone that lives down there or been down there tell me what the open water is like? Is there any open water where Quartz creek dumps into the lake? How far above the bridge has the open water made it? Just...
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    Homer Crabbing

    I want to try crabbing this summer. I did it for 4 years in oregon when I was stationed there. I had a great time and caught a ton of crab. The problem was I got most of them from 20 -45 ft of water. Can any give me an Idea of water depth to target? Looking at a chart I have a few spots in...

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