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    Processing game in the field

    We are looking for ways to increase our time in the field hunting moose. We make a nice camp and would like to stay in the field up to 10 days, that is about two weeks gone. It all gets screwed up when somebody shoots a moose day one. Depending on weather, we will need to head home 2-4 days...
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    Birchwood Price Hike. Whats up with that?

    Birchwood hiked up the membership fees to $375 a year. That is way too much for me. It was about too much for me when it was just below $200. What gives? Nice of them to hike up all the prices in the middle of the worst economic down turn in memory. Very community minded and inclusive.
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    Jet boat intercom system, like in an airplane.

    We run the Yukon most every year for moose. It is a long trip for sure. I used a portable aviation intercom system last time and it made a world of difference. We could talk in normal voices, and when we did, the music would automatically decrease in sound. The general aviation (GA) headsets...
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    Considering the 35 whelen carbine.

    I am downsizing the gun cabinet. I know, I know. The one gun I have not really been happy with is my boat gun. I have used my bolt rifles, and they work ok. But I have missed a few times on two moose and bear. The boat moves a little and my scoped rifles are of course difficult to take it...
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    Kodiak deer, Bears and the .444

    I took my first trip to hunt Kodiak this year. Shuyak island actually. Backing up a bear hunt and shooting some deer. I took my trusty 375 Ruger and made a big mess of some deer with it. I was happy to tote it around when I wanted to take a bear with it. However, I want to go back and just...
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    300 RUM Nosler data change unsettling

    I have recently started loading my 300 RUM again after about 5 years of not using it. I have had 3 different 300 RUM guns, this one being a semi custom job. The load data does not work on this gun like the factory guns from Remington, and I was getting way too much pressure. I had to back off...
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    375 Ruger bullets under recoil

    I changed my hunting load for a kodiak trip this year. I usually use 250g TTSX with a COL of 3.350 , which is about as long as my magazine will hold. SAAMI is 3.340. I used 270g TSX loads for hunting deer on Kodiak and backup up a friend on a bear. The COL for that round is less, at 3.305...
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    Too many moose hunts selected

    I got it on all mine too. I will try to post a pic. I just looked at Ruger357's stuff. He texted me quite pissed. Seems quite legit to me.
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    Comparing Barnes bullet performance .35 and .375

    We shot two moose this year out of our camp. One with a .375 Ruger and 250g TTSX. The other with a 35 Whelen and a 225g TSX. Both bullets performed perfectly by the way. We recovered two bullets The 375 went through the humerus, some muscle and lodged itself into the mandible (jaw)...
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    Weird Barnes bullet performance

    I had an interesting bullet recovery and shot placement this weekend. The story: Caribou hunting with a first time hunter. Put a good stalk on some caribou and they laid down 200 yards from us. We were up hill. Waited until the bull that we saw got up and she started to put pressure on the...
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    Kodiak three stage wear rings

    I just had an interesting thing happen that I thought might save some folks trouble. I have a Hamilton 3 stage jet that I am changing the wear rings. I could not get them to fit for the life of me. I finally got the first stage to fit and brought the stators into professional marine for Mike...
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    Gas in Cordova

    I have never taken my boat over to the other side of the sound from Whittier. I was pondering some trips and assumed I could get gas in Cordova. But, I could not find the location, times etc for any fuel dock at the Harbor. Where is the dock located, do they have gas or just diesel? How...
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    3 Stage Impeller questions

    I have asked this question many times. And NEVER do I get the same answer. So, now I am looking for a consensus. I have a 20 X-tra Plus, now with a Kodiak fuel injected 350 with more horsepower than I can use. I load the bejezzus out if it sometimes, roughly 5000#gross weight, for hunting...
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    When do you think brown bears will be awake around Turnagain.

    My Brother and I are trying to fill a tag for DB 470 this spring after seeing some nice brownies last fall without being able to connect. We were going to go up Bird Creek. Any thoughts on when Brown Bears will be up wandering around? I have not hunted brown bears around here, much less in...
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    How much is too much headspace?

    I have been working through a misfire problem with my Ruger Hawkeye in 35 whelen. It started not firing about every 5 or 6 shots. I started looking at my reloading first off and found the two misfired bullets I kept were .15 and .18 inches shorter (measured at the neck) than brass once fired...
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    Road to Tanana

    I just heard there is a public road from Manley to within 6 miles of Tanana. $11 million dollars. No public boat parking. Locals only. Anybody have any more info on when the tax paying public will be able to access the Yukon from this road? The road might make the run down the Yukon from...
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    Hornady Concentricity Tool

    Any one use a concentricity tool? This winters project is to make my 300 RUM into the long range shooter it should be. It is an easy 1 moa gun and I like how it is set up. I would like a little better accuracy, so I am trying to tune my ammo now. I have the ways and means to true up my...
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    375 Ruger and Reloader 17

    I finally finished working up a RL 17 load with a 250g TTSX. I loaded the same bullet with RL 15 as well. RL 15 gave me 1680 fps and RL17 gave 1820. My RL15 load is near max. I have not seen pressure signs with the RL 17 load, so I am not sure if I can go further since there is no data...
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    Switching to outboards

    I have been a long time inboard guy. I have a 20ft XtraPlus with a 351w. My buddies all have inboards for their jet boats too. And, they break. It seems like a lot, especially on long trips, like the Yukon. My fourth time down the Yukon was the fourth time we had to constantly fix one of...
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    125g Accubonds in short supply, now what

    I have been working up sheep hunting loads in my .308. I got the 125g accubonds to shoot real good, but only have about 10 bullets left to load up and practice with. They are on backorder every place on the planet. There is not a box anyplace to be had. Just my luck. I am re-working the...

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