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    Anchorage Plane Crash
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    BOG new rule

    Does anyone know or know of any pilots who were cited or even approached for flying/spotting sheep during the hunting season? After much talk about the new rule I'm curious about enforcement. Thanks.
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    Another good guy is gone.

    What a sad thing. Rest peacefully. You'll be missed.
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    An interesting weather website

    Check it out. A website that shows wind forecasts. You can choose what altitude you're interested in. Overlay temperature, humidity, clouds, etc. Drag the map around and zoom in on an area, see detailed weather info about an airport including nearby webcams, or select any point on the planet and...
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    Aircraft Heat; What Works, What Doesn't

    I've used sump pad heaters and a Little Buddy and they work, but a Reiff Turbo XP system heats better and faster. I run mine on a 1000w generator. Away from town I can carry the generator when I can and have a home made Northern Companion knock-off for when the gennie isn't practical. You can...
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    What's it worth?

    Yamaha 15hp short shaft 2-stroke. Never used, never started. In dry storage since new.
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    Built a hitch

    Maybe this time it'll attach!
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    Thoughts on the RZR 4 for Trail riding

    I'm sure the longer wheelbase will have some advantages and some disadvantages. No matter, it wouldn't be hard to have fun with either either either one. My old iron is still good fun.
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    *$^&#)* Trailer wiring!

    I broke a well worn 7-pin tailer plug. No biggie, off to Six Roblees for a new plug and cord. Slice it in red-to-red, yellow-to-yellow, etc. Nice, tidy job, too. All shrink tubed and pretty. Who'd have thought there were more than one scheme for wire colors to pins? Not me. Nothing works as...
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    High Wind Warning

    Yep, fall has arrived. Tonight's high wind watch has changed to a high wind warning. Check your tie downs, boys and girls.
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    For you guys in mosquito land who wonder how they're getting inside? Go open up your stoves with chimneys and get a load of what's inside. Assuming you aren't using them on these warm days, of course. I'm going to shoot a load of Raid into my woodstoce a couple of times a day!
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    Kids, Dogs, and Snowmachines

    I've tried letting the dog sit on the seat. I got covered in dog snot and hair. No thanks. These days I use a typical dog travel kennel, glued some blue board into the bottom and added a floor mat on top for traction, and throw in a kennel pad. Sportsman's Warehouse sells Mud River kennel covers...
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    Post-Flood Potatoes?

    With the water receding will the potato patch be worth harvesting? The above ground crops are destroyed but I'm not sure about taters. Any advice? I guess there's no harm in trying?
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    Humphrey gas lights

    Last winter there was a discussion regarding gas lights. Two members had PMd me about a comment I made regarding Humphrey gas lights. My PM box is empty so I don't recall who those messages were from. If this rings a bell please PM me again. :-)
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    Guide Gun carry case?

    I need to find a carry case for a guide gun w/ big loop. Just for in and out of the airplane, boat, etc. Is there anything commercially available in a soft case that fits a guide gun? I've looked and not found. I assume I must not be looking in the right place. What are you other guys using...
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    Jet A/Diesel recip motors

    A few years ago the murmurs of diesel engine technology was everywhere. Our avgas engines were about to become a thing of the past. What's going on with jet A/diesel now? I never hear about it, but I'm not a magazine reader.
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    Hot Rod Muffler

    Anyone using one? Care to comment on how it differs from stock?
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    Good Friday

    It hasn't been kind to Alaska with the '64 earthquake and the Exxon Valdez oil spill, but tomorrow is another anniversary of those insignificant events along with the world-changing event that Lent and Easter are all about. Remember the reason for the season. Happy Easter.
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    2 Rider Fatalities at Petersville

    My sincere condolences to their families and friends.
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    Splayed front wheels on Polaris

    Why do the front tires on a Polaris wheeler splay out? At what point does it go from annoying to needing repair?

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