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    Time To Feed The Deagle

    For a sidearm it is a hungry beast. Twenty four pounds of goodness delivered 36 days from the date of order. Now need to get busy...:thatsallfolks:
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    Scored Some Brass...

    I came home and a box was sitting in the snow outside my door. This is what 31.25 pounds of .50AE brass looks like: :) Spyderco Military Model added for scale.
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    Anyone Using 7mm Weatherby Mag?

    Back when I was at UAF, I was walking through the recreational center in the lower hallways and in one office saw a fellow had a row of shells above his desk on a shelf. Rather muscular looking shells to say the least, so I stopped one morning and asked him what they were for. He replied, "each...
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    Change Sights On 1911 In Anchorage?

    Is there anyone in Anchorage that can change the front sight blade on my Gold Cup while I stand there? This one is razor sharp and prevents me from using it in my Galco holsters due to cutting into the leather. Want a nice rounded one. Don't want to have to mail to lower 48 just for change. And...
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    DE 50AE Failure To Return To Battery

    I bought a Desert Eagle pistol in 50AE, and had it titanium nitrided to increase it's reliability and anti-rust properties primarily for berry-picking and cutting in the woods. I didn't get to shoot it much until I got it back from the nitrider, then started experiencing failure to return to...
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    Charcoal In Anchorage?

    Coming into Anchorage Monday the 24rth for some appointments with a severely restricted timeline, so am asking members who live in Anchorage where I can buy real charcoal, specifically mequite. If not that, then any hardwood lump charcoal. I'll buy about 200 pounds and ship it out with Evert's...
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    Lathe And Mill Are Here!

    Okay folks, The lathe and mill, a PM1440GT and PM1054TV, respectively, that I ordered in late April finally made it the last week of August. I spent almost a week uncrating, then lifting onto rollers, and moving them into the positions you see in the photo. Dang! Just about was too much...
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    Couldn't Help Myself: Ordered Mill, Pedestal Grinder and Surface Grinder

    Yeah, you guys are really not helpful to my bank account. Gotta have a grinder for making the proper toolbits right? 12" Standard Electric, 3 H.P. 3-phase pedestal grinder from Van Buren Arkansas. Brown & Sharp No. 2 surface grinder for making those small parts really flat from Redfield...
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    New EDC

    New EDC came back from being re-assembled. Very nice. Going to do some work with it this weekend.
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    Finally Getting My Lathe

    Yippers! I ordered a Precision Matthews 14-40GT. Much lighter than I wanted but the 8,000 pound Monarch would eat my cash and all the reserves I had set aside for tooling. With the PM 10-54 mill, it will be tight. I'll get the mill later this summer. I am just waiting for Lynden to call me to...
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    7.62x54R Light Ball In Anchorage?

    Looking for some of this to feed my m44's. Does anyone know who has cases for sale? Thanks.
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    Need To Ship Out Sidearm

    Which Anchorage UPS store or outlet is amenable to shipping sidearms. Need to send one outside for repair. Thanks.
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    New Weatherby: Update

    Awrighty then: in my last thread I was waiting on a 2x7 Imperial scope, which came, but needs to be refurbished before I can use it; the power ring is frozen. A two year waiting time though, so will send it off and wait. In the meantime I bought a pristine 3x9 Supreme which is gorgeous and...
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    New Weatherby

    Ever since I held a .378 Weatherby Mk. 5 in Tongass Outfitters back in 1975 I have wanted one, but they were too dear. I bought one finally. I need to remove the noisemaker and am good to go. I want to install EAW quick relase mounts and have iron sights installed along with the deep floorplate...
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    So What Are Your Projects For This Summer?

    I have been putting off a bunch of stuff for awhile, and am getting things lined up for resolution: 1. Have the stock for a 1950's-'60's sported Winchester P-14 in .300 H&H reworked. Happening now. 2. Just sent off a Guild Mauser in 9x57mm to Soroka Rifles in AZ to see what they can do with a...
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    Anyone Castingt Bullets?

    Just curious if many cast their own?
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    Who Likes The .416 Rigby?

    I have my A-Square Hannibal in .416 Rigby and am getting it ready to make some noise. Have Norma cases coming, going to get a mold to make some nice, heavy lead bullets and buy some cheap Hawk 450 grainers. They even make 500 grain torpedoes!
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    Milsurp 7.62x54R In Anchorage?

    I don't know if I can do this, but I would like to pick up a couple spam cans of 7.62x54R...maybe more than a couple. Was wondering if there is anyone selling cans of milsurp? Thanks.
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    What Does Everyone Think of The .416 Rigby?

    A year ago I saw this rifle on Armslist. Contacted the owner to get some info, then let it go. Thought about it a couple weeks ago, contacted the owner at his old email, he still had the rifle and we made a deal. Another A-Square Hannibal to add to my collection. :) He emailed me today that he...
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    Lathe Sourcing Woes

    Dang. I want to buy a lathe to begin some hobby building, but am finding they can be really spendy. The cheap Chinese lathes are to be avoided according to all on PM. But there are some pretty good quality Chinese lathes that can be had from Grizzly. Price points are ~$5,000 up to $10,000.00...

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