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  1. Bob the fisher

    Kelly Peterson lakes on the peninsula

    Anybody know what the ice is like on that lake and is the road to it plowed ur not?
  2. Bob the fisher

    Sockeye Salmon Tags

    Wow!!! Just read about it in the newspaper. Now they are considering a Sockeye SalmonTag for sport and dipnet fishermen on the Copper, Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. I wonder if it is to include just those rivers or will it be for the entire southcentral area. Whats next? A boot tax or weight tax...
  3. Bob the fisher

    Deshka Kings

    Has anybody else heard of about 22,000 or so Kings go pass the Deshka weir today? A buddy told me about it this am. If that is true, Holy Fishon Batman!!!
  4. Bob the fisher

    Fellow Jetboater Friend Attacked

    This is Bob the Fisher ya"ll, and I know this is off topic but I thought it would help. Some of you have met my brother from another mother, Jeff Palm. He was the security guard attacked in the early morning hours last Thursday night (2-28-14) , where he works as the nite-time security guard...
  5. Bob the fisher

    Summit Lake (North of Paxton)

    Hey fellas, I'm headin up to Summit Lake next week, does anyone have any helpful hints they mite be able to throw at me about Summit Lake? Its just a day trip. Gotta drop somebody off at the Pogo Mine so I'm guna hit the Lake on the way back. Staying the nite there on the lake (somewhere) and...
  6. Bob the fisher

    303 British Infield Brass

    I am looking to buy some brass (100 pieces) for a 303 British Infield. If anybody has any they are willing to part with, please send me a pm... Thanx... Bob...
  7. Bob the fisher

    Knik River Run Saturday 10/19/13

    Thinkin bout hittin the Knik River this Saturday and runnin up to the glacier or as far as we can get. Checked the water levels last nite and they have come back up nicely with all this rain. Hopefully the levels will stay up so we can get a fall run upto the glacier. Meetin at the Knik River...
  8. Bob the fisher

    Group Ride/Fishin up the Big Su on Sunday

    Anybody interested in getting together for a ride or some fishing from Susitna Landing up to the mouth of Montana Creek, or any other spot you may know for a final bit of salmon fishing this Sunday, September 1st? I got a boatload ready to go. Was hoping maybe somebody else wanted to run the...
  9. Bob the fisher

    20 Mile River near Portage

    I noticed that 20 mile River is open. Even saw a couple boat trailers down there. Any comments? "fishon"
  10. Bob the fisher

    Eklutna Tailrace 2013

    Since nobody has mentioned the tailrace yet and there are no EOs for this fishery, I thought I would start a thread for those who fish those waters... For all you fish forecasters out there, how many kings will return and when will they start running? ... "fishon"
  11. Bob the fisher

    No Power to Start the motor

    I have a Mercury Optimax and when trying to start it this morning, I got no power. Everything else works on the dash but there is no beep and nothing happens when I turn to key to start the motor. I have replaced the battery isolator switch as even with it in the "off" position, the power was...
  12. Bob the fisher

    Salmon on the Deshka

    I heard the pinks, the chums and maybe some silvers are passing the weir on the Deshka River. Can anybody confirm this? Would like to head there and wet a line... thanx... "fishon"
  13. Bob the fisher

    Eklutna Tailrace

    I think its about time to start a new thread on the 2012 Eklutna Tailrace King Run. Has anybody been there yet? Any fish there yet? Have the water levels come up yet? Still the only place that an EO has not been issued on. I hope it doesn't get hammered this summer because of the EOs on the...
  14. Bob the fisher

    Trip For Soldiers

    Starting around June, I am wanting to take a couple guys (2 on each trip) fishing (maybe 3-4 trips with different guys over the summer) either to the Knik River (tailrace) for Kings, if they show up this year, or maybe the Little Su, again for Kings and again if they show up this year or down to...
  15. Bob the fisher

    Man falls through the Ice

    A report on the channel 2 scroll reported that a Cooper Landing man fell through the ice and was in the water for 20. Anybody heard who he was or which lake it was... Got friends that fish Kenai Lake alot and am curious...thanx... "fishon"
  16. Bob the fisher

    2012 Spring Jetboat Gathering

    I know we are all wondering (atleast I am) as to where the 2012 AOJ Spring Jetboat Gathering will be held? I haven't seen any post on it yet so I thought I would get this party started!!! Anybody have any idears? Me and Marley were there last year at Susitna Landing and I know we all had a...
  17. Bob the fisher

    Sound deadning Material

    Hey all you Opti owners out there. I need some recomendations on the stuff you use to put around the dog house ove rthe motor to quiet that sucker down. Any idears?...thanx..."fishon"
  18. Bob the fisher

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Yo all you jetboaters out there wishing it was May instead of November...Happy Thanxgiving ya'll...fishon...
  19. Bob the fisher

    Yetna River

    Hey fellow jetboaters....thinkin about headin to the yetna for some pike and/or moose if anybody wants to go. Going on Saturday, 09-24-2011. its getting close to the end so thought maybe one more big horrah before the snow flys....let me know...'fishon"
  20. Bob the fisher

    Kink River on Saturday

    Hey ya'll, were thinkin about hittin Knik river this saturday, 9-17-2011. Just wondering if anybody wants to go with. Got three boats going. Thought we would head to the glacier one last time this year. Should be fun. We be at the launch at 10am if you want to go....TJM, I tried to pm you...

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