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    Sportsman STOL install

    I’m in fbks and looking for sportsman stol installed on a 170B. Any one with suggestions before I start making cold calls here in town. thanks
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    Rex trail to gold king

    Curious if anyone has made this run yet this year and how the snow is and creeks are for crossing thanks
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    Bubble windows in 170? Need shoulder room

    I have a 170 and looking to know if a 6" bubble window will allow me to use the space like arm rest. I taxi and fly with my window open and elbow out the window and it's so much more comfortable for me. I'm not the smallest person. 6'2". Anyone have experience with bubble windows??? thanks GS
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    Altimeter problem. Thoughts

    Went to do some ski flying today from FBKS and I always set my altimeter to ground elevation 440ft. Turning the dial to do so it stopped at 1,900ft. I would turn the other direction all day long but stopped before I could get to correct elevation. So I flew it and my airspeed and VSI both...
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    Northstar aero closed????

    Is Northstar in fbks closed? I can't get Jim on phone. Drove by the shop and for sell sign on his hanger. Anyone know? Thanks GS
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    Tangle lakes????

    I don't see much on here for ice fishing tangles. Am I wasting my time? I want one more trip on sled so I'm going to maclaren Friday and want to put a few holes in to look for some fish any info?? thanks GS
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    Circle to Charlie river. Miles?

    Anyone know how many river miles circle to Charlie river? I might have to do one more big run this year before putting the boat to bed. Thanks, GS
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    Off airport tiedowns

    What are you guys using to tiedown your plane off airport? I'm going to start some plane camping on gravel/mud bars and Just curious what people are using.
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    Tanana river landing at Manley

    Anyone been there recently? Ill be there Wednesday for kantishna run. Thanks in advance
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    Fairbanks to Dawson City

    I'm thinking of flying this sometime this summer. I think I'll go straight from Fairbanks to Eagle. Stop to stretch legs and then on to Dawson City. I'm looking a air miles now and I can fly direct without fuel stop. But on way back do I need to stop in Tok for customs? I'm not sure if I...
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    Kantishna river to Lake Minchumina

    Anyone run this in the boat? I'm looking to run it late this June.
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    Dune Lake Trial???

    I've flown in many times and ice fished and want to take my sled in with the kids. I've been in the "Tek" trail but don't know where to turn to run to Dune. Anyone care to share? I catch and release all fish and just like to make one trip out there before it's over.
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    Straight tail ski

    I'm looking for a straight tail ski that is stc to go with my aero 3000 im a 170b and my donut wheel on the back is worthless on hard pack where I'm parked Any suggestions?
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    Dune Lake Sled trail

    I'm planning on running to Dune lake this winter. I've only flown into it to fish and this year like to take the kids on the sleds. Can anyone tell me from Nenana how the trail usually is as far as condition and time it takes to make the run? I know it's around 40 miles to run it. Thanks, GS
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    yukon river miles-circle to eagle?

    Any one know the river miles between Circle and Eagle? Thinking of making the run Thanks GS
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    best river anchor? ???

    I have 21 sportjon and I only anchor in salcha, goodpastor and Delta Clearwater. the anchor I was recommended is a pain to get me stopped. What are u using? I recently seen a hooked anchor at sentry I hear works well that I'd like to try after hearing from the experts here thanks GS
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    Sporjet 175 steering cable melt...

    Hey guys those of you who have had this happen when you replaced your cable what did you do to try to fix the problem? I have a few ideas but would like to hear some others. I have 630 hours and I hear I got pretty lucky to have gone this long before I had to change it. For those who don't...
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    Flying Windy Pass from FBKS to Talkeetna

    For those who have made this trip what advice to give? I have about 300 hours here in Tanana area but not too sure about flying through that pass. I've approached it a few times with very bad air. I seen planes fly right above the road at times. Or do I climb and fly it about 7,500 and hope...
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    Klutina Lake Airstrip

    Any one fly into this airstrip? Any info for me? Thanks, GS
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    Bush Pilot Roadside book?

    Hey is there any books for like the bush pilot alaskan version of "roadside" camping? Got my plane and private pilots liscense and ready to do some exploring. I want to fly and campout. I don't know if camping next to a strip is the norm? Trying to find like the highway anglers guide for a...

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