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    Fish Measuring Box

    I have seen a couple folks over the years have a box for measuring fish while in the water. Wondering if anyone can give some recommendations for this, would like something for rainbows. But also curious to what are others doing for kings and keeping them in the water. I have seen long...
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    Baker Trailer Bearing Size

    So one thing I have neglected for my drift boat is the bearings, they haven't failed on me but I know it is only a matter of time. I have a 16' Willie drift boat on a Baker Trailer. Does anyone know what size bearings the replacements are? Thanks!
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    And another one bites the dust!

    Hot off the press, Anchor, Ninichik & Deep are all closed due to poor King returns.
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    Kayak Fishing

    Here is a good one for all the Kayak fisherman out there.
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    Soldotna Freezer Space Rental?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for freezer space? Not looking for bagging, just want to have the fish frozen while I am down for a couple of days.
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    camp robber near seldovia

    Or try it like this.
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    Fall Steelhead

    Here is a friendly reminder to everyone. This is from pg 43 of the South Central Regs.
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    Anchorage Fish & Game Advisory Committee Elections

    Just to let everyone know, the elections for the Advisory Committee is tomorrow night. Please come and support sport fishing.
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    Kasilof opens to the highway

    here is the latest EO for all of you heading down to Kasilof Good Luck!
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    Seward Silvers

    Was wondering how everyone has been doing for silvers out of Seward. I have a half day charter booked for monday and just trying to see what to expect. Thanks
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    For all you shrimpers

    Saw this EO for North Gulf Coast

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