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    When the sun comes up again.

    I remember when I lived up there that it got pretty sleepy this time of year so I'm hoping to see some words of wisdom on the thread when the sun shows it's self on the horizon again. Just put some more air in the 13' Saturn the other's still in the hanger but ready to escape as soon...
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    What about the .350 Legend?

    The gun writers that are supposed to know more than most (maybe) say it's pretty much a 35 Rem you can fire from an MSR, Ruger bolt or I suppose just about anything that will shoot a .223/5.56 with the right barrel. Folks have been killing lots of things with the 35 Rem for over a hundred years...
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    13' KaBoat SK385XL

    Just bought one of these at Boats to Go. They say in the ad that it was built especially for the folks in AK. Any truth to that? I wanted the 15' XL but they were out of stock. They say the 13' will take a 10 hp...anyone using one that size on the 13'. I was planning to use my 3.3 Merc but I...
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    S&W Shield in .40 S&W

    Had to have one...everyone loves them. It has been 100% reliable. I got one without the safety, it shoots nice and recoil is just about the same as my Glock 27. It's a little thinner than the 27 but has a few less rounds. Carry wise I see no real advantage to the single stack and less...
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    I'm impressed!!

    BERLIN – Scientists say Oetzi the Iceman wore clothes made of brown bear pelt and roe deer when he died in the Alps 5,300 years ago. Researchers in Italy used genetic analysis to determine that the two materials were used for...
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    Hornady 140 gr Mono Flex

    I bought a Henry steel (not that I needed it but it has nice wood) in .30-30 that I'm going to bump up to a .30-30 AI and I bought 250 of the reasonably new 140 gr gummy tip all copper bullets to use in it. The suggested load on Marlin Owners is 35.5 of LVR in the regular old .30-30 so I'll use...
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    ARX poly/metal bullets

    Anyone try them? Midway has them for reloading.
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    Speer .22 mag short barrel 40 gr Gold Dot

    I know we had a discussion about North American Arms little bitty gun but I couldn't find it so I'll mention this in a new thread. I bought 2 boxes of these suckers and I tried them in my 1 5/8" NAA. Compared to the Winchester 40 gr HP that I have been carrying the Gold Dots are significantly...
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    Howa mini action

    I've been waiting for several months for Brownells to get the barrelled action with a 20" heavy barrel in 6.5 Grendel in stock. Well, it's ordered and on the way! I bought the heavy barrel because it's probably going to shoot better but who knows for sure. My plan is to put a Boyd's classic...
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    No self control!

    I was in a local firearms selling place yesterday and a neat little Ruger LCRx in 3" barrel caught my eye. I asked the old sage behind the counter if I could look at it and he said sure...when he handed it to me it almost floated out of my hand. I've since found out it weighs less than a pound...
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    Cabela's 3500w/Champion generator

    Cabela's has their rebranded Champion 3500 watt generator on sale for $299 with the wheel kit at their stores. I've heard fairly good remarks on this generator, has anyone used one. I have a 5000w Honda but it is darn heavy and not needed to power my little 16' cargo conversion RV. The price is...
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    Tent or tarp?

    What do you folks have in your survival kit? For years I've only had 2 GI ponchos for weather protection but I'm thinking of changing over to a light Kelty 3 person tent in my C 170. My only problem with making this change is the poncho's can easily be used as shelter and also to move around...
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    Anyone know about this....

    I'm wondering about these...anyone have any details?: AIRPARK UNITS IN KENAI, ALASKA • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • For Sale; Airpark Units #34, 38, 40, 42, 44. 20K. Other units are available with different terms. In Kenai, Alaska, located just three miles from the mouth of the world famous...
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    Lehigh Defense bullets

    Has anyone used these? Interesting web site and products.
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    USMC 2 man tent

    Is anyone using the surplus Marine Corp. 2 man tents? They are pretty heavy for backpacking but not for one person in a canoe or 4 wheeler. I'm guessing they are pretty tough to stand up to a bunch of young Marines and seem to be pretty reasonable. Any experience or thoughts??
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    Red Dots on hunting handguns?

    Is anyone using them out there for their hunting handguns? As much as I'm not willing to admit eyes ain't what they used to be and I'm pretty happy with my EO Techs on AR's and a couple red dots on .22 pistols. I'm thinking of their utility on a Ruger .45 LC. Any thoughts?
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    A different Zippo

    Anyone have any experience with this:
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    New Emson Pressure what?

    I've been thinking about getting a pressure smoker for awhile now and last night I broke down and bought my wife a 7 qt Emson for our anniversary next week. This may go over like the chain saw I bought her for her birthday many years can guess on that one. I'm looking for some good...
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    Common oil?

    I just bought a '96 Arctic Cat ZRT 600 and a 97 Polaris 700 RMK. Both are in good shape and the ZRT has only 315 miles. What I'm looking for is injector oil that will work in both and hopefully will be a generic dyno oil. My guess is the older machines will do fine without synthetic oil. What...
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    Ruger LCR-357

    Anyone shooting a Ruger LCR-357? Just wondering how you like them and how well they shoot.

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