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  1. Armymark

    Test Drive, Pioneer X-Stream

    Here is a look at the floor and the scuppers.
  2. Armymark

    Test Drive, Pioneer X-Stream

    First, some pics.
  3. Armymark

    10MM Signess

    So I have nothing against Glock but, I bought my first Sig in 1986 at the PX in Hanau Germany when I was a private and have had the Signess ever since. I bought a P220 DA/SA a while back in 10MM and love it. I originally wanted one with the adjustable sights which they have yet to offer on...
  4. Armymark

    Bear Spray, No Gun, No First aid Kit

    No Gun, and apparently no first aid kit. Alone. Graphic Video. The story says he was attacked twice by the same bear.
  5. Armymark

    Lost English Setter Anchorage

    SOS, a friend of mine's English Setter went missing 5 January last seen at C Street and 92d in Anchorage. Her name is Pepsi and she is a Llewellin English Setter. Below is the link to the Craig's list add. If anyone has any information...
  6. Armymark

    He Does It Again

    Hot Times In Cold Bay is an article in the November/December Shooting Sportsman. Another great example of wing shooting in Alaska by none other than Jim McCann! You represent us hard core Alaska Wing Shooters. Great read!
  7. Armymark

    Custom Holster Maker

    I'm looking for recommendations on a custom leather holster maker. Diamond D no longer does custom work and I'm looking for that kind of product quality. Any information, especially firsthand would be much appreciated. Mark
  8. Armymark

    Trapgun Mods

    I put this in the Gunsmith side as well but, I thought I'd ask here with all the shotguns guys here. I need some advice gents, I have a set of Charles Daly O&Us in 20 and 12 gauge.They were my Dad's and he would shoot trap with the boys often enough that they got in to the rules. I can't get...
  9. Armymark

    Trapgun Mods

    I need some advice gents, I have a set of Charles Daly O&Us in 20 and 12 gauge.They were my Dad's and he would shoot trap with the boys often enough that they got in to the rules. I can't get these guns to dryfire(or live) both barrels one after the other. Is it possible that they have been...
  10. Armymark

    Sunny Saturday Ptarmigan

    Had a nice hunt Saturday. Snowing on the way up, foggy and clearing while gearing up. Within in an hour of starting the hunt it cleared up to a magnificent sunny day! Took a bit of walking but, we finely cornered a few. Dogs did well and it was nice to get out of the spruce game I usually am...
  11. Armymark

    What Does Right Look Like?

    So I got a new Ruger Super Redhawk Toklat. I'm impressed after toting the 329PD for a few years. I am pretty good with a rifle and a shotgun but honestly, I'm no handgun expert. I have a new Ruger Super Redhawk Toklat and I'm impressed. Having carried a 329PD and shooting it a lot, I was...
  12. Armymark

    Some Training Pics

    Some pics out working the dogs. This is in an area where there is no hunting year round. Angel is getting into the game and starting to make the connection to the difference between tweety and the game birds!
  13. Armymark

    "Ptarmigan in Spring"

    Well I'm not sure if you all have seen the March/April edition of Shooting Sportsman yet but, I got mine in the mail yesterday and, low and behold! There is an article in there about hunting Ptarmigan in Alaska! By none other than our Jim McCann, once again accurately describing the 'rewards...
  14. Armymark

    Team "Limey" Shapes Up

    Well, since her adoption a week ago, Angel is on board and her city life is behind her. We are working on control and discipline with basic commands as a group. Which was a little challenging at first, Rigby had that "she's beautiful" look in his eyes and was acting his age, if you catch my...
  15. Armymark

    Musher's Secret

    Anybody use Musher's Secret to keep the ice balls from forming on their paws? I thought I might give it a try. Thoughts?
  16. Armymark

    Another Ptarmigan Climb

    Rigby and I climbed the mountain again and really had a ball. We backpacked into a spot I have been interested in. We got a late start on a Friday evening and got in tired hungry and crashed. Got up the next morning and had a ball chasing ptarmigan up and down the mountain.
  17. Armymark

    Evening Walks

    I have been walking in the evenings as usual with R Rigby and with the season open, I take my little 20 SxS with me. We usually get about 2-3 hours before it gets dark. With all the rain everything has been very wet but we go anyway. This evening Rigby locks up for a brief second and then...
  18. Armymark

    First Ptarmigan

    First Ptarmigan After a grueling/ wet 5 mile trek to get into the area whereI decided to hunt Saturday, me and Rigby hunted all through the valley in the rain. Mostly high, up where the rock was coming up out of the tundra. In short, we walked a lot and we should have worked the terrain lower...
  19. Armymark

    Rigby at 10 months

    We got into several ptarmigan on a training hike today. Great opportunity on wild birds!
  20. Armymark

    Rigby's Big Bird Point

    Rugby has been doing pretty good with his basic training but I haven't introduced him to birds yet. He is pointing everything from sparrows to moose. I take him everywhere with me and we are currently in California. So yesterday evening Rigby and I were hunting without a gun and his point on...

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