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    Remington 12 ga Steel #2 125 rds $100

    5 boxes (125 rounds) Remington 2 3/4 inch #2 steel I will have it in Anchorage 16-20 June if there is interest. $100 for the lot. Possible trade for .308, 45 ACP or 40 S+W
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    Any update on the ALCAN staying open post here

    Open for now as far as I know Probably driving up this May-ish with an empty 3/4 ton diesel BTW
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    Cut back cuke plants?

    I have cuke plants that are going crazy indoors in 3-4!gallon pots. They ARE setting SOME fruits but they have dozens and dozens of flowers. I’m doing the paintbrush thing to try to keep up. One plant in particular is sending out runners a LOOONNNNG way. Should I cut some back? Kind of like...
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    8 boxes steel shot $50

    8 boxes Remington Sortsman Some 3” some 2 3/4 face to face kenai or possibly Soldotna
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    Remingto 525 Golden Bullet Value Paks 3 for $50

    Face 2 Face Kenai or possibly Soldotna I see them online @ Walmart for $38+ ea so seems like a good deal for plinkers
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    Cured Roe for halibut

    Hey... it’s what I have right now (frozen) Will this “work” or do I need to go buy some herring?
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    Cured Roe for halibut

    Hey... it’s what I have right now (frozen) Will this “work” or do I need to go buy some herring?
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    Model 37 barrell swap/fitting

    I have an imp cyl ithaca model 37 featherlight barrell I am trying to put on a gun serial # 37121#### it will not go on, some times I can get it turned about halfway. I tried loosening and even REMOVING the yoke but it makes no difference. It goes on my other model 37 # 37170###...
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    Dogtra 200c problems

    Picked this up a year ago at a local box sporting goods store. Just started using it a couple weeks ago. Tried it on my fingers seemed really low.... perfect (I had it set around 5 on 0-100 range). Dog seemed VERY sensitive at times to where I would check to make sure it hadnt dialed up by...
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    1yo shaking bumpers

    I have a small (45#) female lab right at 14 months. She’s doing pretty darn well at everything I teach her. Not looking to compete her, just my personal gundog. She hasn’t retrieved any BIRDS yet, just bumpers. After a little more prep work I plan on running her through the Bill Hillman FETCH...
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    Tomatoes wilting inside

    Got some tomatoes at a local greenhouse about 2 weeks ago and transplanted into some larger pots. They go into the greenhouse/growbuckets hopefully tommorow. A couple of them have curling/wilting leaves and I don’t believe it’s lack of water. There are some small bumps on the back of some leaves...
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    Potatoes yet?

    I grow potatoes in some black plastic half drums start with 10-12” of soil and keep adding. It just feels COLD still. Should I get them going or wait? The black barrels probably do absorb a fair amount of heat. I’m just concerned they may rot before they sprout!
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    Broken rod tip still useable?

    I wound up with my old neighbors Shimano 1875 ML (?) rod he said caught many Kenai Kings. Havent used it in the 5 years since he moved. Now my son has bought a drift boat and I'm looking forward to a few trips on the Kenai and Kasilof (it's great when your KIDS start getting toys!!) Anyhow over...
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    Skinny lethargic rainbow

    Jigging in 4-5' of water today hooked a rainbow and it was about like pulling a tennis show through the hole, very very lethargic.. Prolly about 16" but super skinny especially the rear 1/3. Very heavy semi bloody disharge while unhooking it. I had planned on keeping one to eat but I turned it...
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    Best rate shipping a pickup ANC - SEA and SEA - ANC

    I have an F250 Ext Cab I need to get to SEA and an F150 Ext Cab I need to get to ANC next March/April. Pretty much looking for no frills transport with cost being the deciding factor. I can pickup and drop off at each end. I'm retired military if that makes any difference. I'll shop around but...
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    Poatoes and broccoli

    I have a couple black plastic half barrels with 3 potatoe "plants in each. I planted initiallyabout 10" from the bottom and now have mounded a few times and now the barrels are about full to the top (30"). The plants have grown another 3' above that and some are starting to flower. Do I just let...
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    Blood Meal for Nitrogen deficiency for beans??

    My bean plants in my small raised beds are small and yellow. Tested the soil and Nitrogen is woefully absent. phosphorus was high and potasium was about right. Ok... got some Jobes blood meal to address that but it says right on the package DO NOT USE ON PEAS BEANS OR LEGUMES. Anyone know why? I...
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    Fertilizing growbuckets?

    Been using these for 4 years with pretty darn good results for Tomatoes Peppers and Cukes. Im now set up on the watering system tho the first year I watered each bucket individually through a piece of plastic pipe in each bucket (not bad if you want to try a...
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    Squash transplant advice

    Started my squash about 3 weeks ago and it is ready to transolant. Growing it in large pots which I did last year with good success. I started my seeds 2 ea in those expanding pellets and in almost all cases both seeds are growing. Should I strip away that outter mesh when I transplant? Seems to...
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    What broke?

    My neighbors sled (90 something 500 ski do) started making funny noises. Also the reverse which never worked suddenly started working. In fact it went purty good in R but screeched aweful trying to go forward. He decided to try to get home (made it about 100' ) and the track stopped spinnin...

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