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    help training a young dog

    First I am not a dog trainer and I need help with a female 15 months old. She is very gentle and stubborn did I mention stubborn. She will not come when called and just keeps running away as fast as she can. I have tried treats and long lines and teaching with our other dog who does come when...
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    Gun control bill

    For those who may be interested here is where the text of a new gun control bill may be found.
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    Pike question

    Yesterday I caught a couple of pike in figure eight lake. Got them home and upon cleaning I found the fish to have yellow flesh. I have never encountered this before. Whats up? Edible? Taste? Have no idea what I have gotten into so any info will be appreciated.
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    Not sure where this should be posted

    Maybe this comment is in the wrong place but don't where it would fit. Just noticed the thread "ask a trooper" is now 5 years without a single question/answer.
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    500 mag case bulge, what am I DOING WRONG?

    I have been loading pistol ( 38, 357, 44spec, 44mag, 45 colt ) both cast and jacketed rounds for years. Never had this problem before. I get a slight bulge just behind the bullet base of loaded rounds and they are not easy to load. The gun is clean, bullets are cast and sized 501, cases and...
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    Kydex holster

    Anyone in in the plamer wasilla anchorage area make the Kydex holsters. Thinking I want one.:)
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    WTB Lee six gang 175gr 40 cal cast bullet mold & 401 sizer.

    Title say it all. Bullet mold and the lee bullet sizer. I am kinda going in a different direction here. Everything I have and use is RCBS or Lyman. Thought I would like to try the Lee products for cast bullets. Thanks for looking.
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    alien gear

    Anyone know anything about this company. Family member wants one of their products. I have called and left messages on their recorder, emailed, and attempted to order. Don't about the attempt to order but so far they have not hit my credit card. So why try so hard, can't find any other place for...
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    German Shorthair Pointer wanted

    Title says it all. Looking for german shorthair pointer puppy. If anyone knows of any in Alaska I would appreciate your letting me know who has them. Thanks in advance and good hunting.
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    Need a good welder/fabricator

    So give me advise. Who have you all used in the Wasilla/Palmer area. Thanks.
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    Who's got one ?

    Ok so who has one of these:question:
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    Had a nice run up the Knik today. Starting to get chunky down lower.
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    Buffalo, NY to seize deceased guns.

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but found this article interesting.
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    Channel 2 Pike fishing

    Just watched a segment on Channel 2 about pike fishing on Red **** lake I think. The lake doesn't matter. I thought the fishing regulations say you can not return pike to the water. Yet the TV folks just did return the pike to the water. Have I missed something new in the regs?
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    moose shot with Glock

    ​Not sure where to post this so feel free to move to the correct place. Many of you have probably already seen this video but thought some who haven't would like to know about the trash in the woods. I have no idea where this occurred, hopefully not in Alaska. I don't know how to link to...
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    Peep or ghost sight

    I have been playing with a paper and tape rear sight on my S&W 686 and think I would like to actually have a peep sight or ghost ring sight on a S&W 686. I understand that all the S&W revolver rear sights are the same so it would not matter for which S&W the sight might be marketed. Any one...
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    setting the prop

    anyone know where to get the gauge to set the angle of the prop's. set these with the marks on the prop and hub but was hoping to check with a gauge. thanks
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    Big Lake Gun Show

    ​Did anyone attend? Prices? Venders? Any ino?
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    Pistolsmith recommendations

    I have a S&W model 60 with about a 3 TON pull over a gravel bar. Thought a few hundred rounds through it would smooth it out, did not happen. Who in the valley or Anchorage does trigger/action tune ups. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Was not on national news

    Aurora, Co. could have been avoided just like it was in San Antonio, Texas. But you did not hear about this on any national news.

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