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    Residential refrigerator and dry camping

    I am looking at buying a different motorhome and finding many of the newer coaches have full size residential refrigerators. Does anyone that does a lot of dry camping have this arrangement. How well do your batteries hold up? Do you have solar panels and how big? What do you have for a...
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    Taxie for Halibut tail

    Anyone had a halibut tail mounted lately that they are happy with and who did it.
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    Someone to mount a Halibut tail

    Looking for someone that mounts halibut tails in Anchorage or the Valley. I had one done several years ago with Arctic Fox in Wasilla but he doesn't do them any more. If you have had one done and it turned out nice please let me know who did it. Thanks
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    JBER How has it gone?

    Just wondering since its nearly over how has the season gone? I know the weather has not been great for the hunt with so little snow and freeze thaw conditions. I had it last year and it was nearly the same conditions. I think there were only about 14 taken last year.
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    New to Rifle Reloading Question

    Recently started reloading for my Rem. 700 30'06. I've been playing with powders to try to find a load that the gun likes. I have found I get some decent groups (about 1" @ 50 yds) with IMR 4064 using both Accubond 165 gn with 49.5 gn and with TSX 168 gn with 45 gn. The question I have is...
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    22 LR Ammo no shortage in Canada

    Just visited in Winnipeg and stopped into Cabelas and the shelves were full of all brands of 22 LR ammo. Anything from boxes of 50 to tubs of 1450 rounds. Some at $19.95 per brick. So what's the problem in the US? Only thing is in Canada you have to have a PAL (some kind of gun owner...
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    Looking for advise for Kodiak trip

    I am thinking about making a trip to Kodiak next fall for deer and maybe some sea ducks. I know there are several outfitters there that do these combs but have no idea about the areas or reputations. So I'm open for any advise or recommendations from anyone that has done any of these hunts. I...
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    Which Radar to Buy

    I am looking at replacing the radar on my boat this spring as the old Faruno I have is not working and it is like 15+ years old. I am looking for something that I can just turn on and have it work. I'm not into the fine tuning for a decentpicture. Anyone got suggestions? This is for a 28'...
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    Which Training DVD's & Books

    I'm about to get a lab pup and will be back in the training mode. I have trained a couple of dogs in the past (14 years ago for my last lab) but thought I would see what DVD's or Books some of you would recommend for good proven methods. Thanks.
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    Snake Charmer Parts

    Does anyone know where i can get a new stock and forearm for a Snake Charmer II?? I called the numbers listed on the website that came up on Google and they are disconnected. Thanks.
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    I have just got started on reloading again after several years. Where is the best /cheapest place in the Valley or Anchorage area to buy bullets. I am mainly loading 45 ACP and will load either jacketed or cast 230 gr. Thanks for your help.
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    Quality Bird Taxidermy

    Anyone had any pheasants or grouse mounted locally that they feel are good quality work? And who did you have do them?
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    Opinions on 45 ACP Makes/Models

    I am thinking of getting another 45, currently have a Kimber and really like it but just thought I would see what likes and dislikes others have. Also what seems to be the latest and greatest in this line. I am looking at just target shooting and maybe some matches.

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