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  1. jmg

    Do you adjust powder amount or seating depth first?

    I just got a few boxes of 150 grain Barnes TSX bullets to work up for my 30-06. Barnes lists H4895 as the most accurate powder, minimum of 48.5, maximum 51 grains. I usually work up batches of 3 rounds in .5 grain increments to look for the best groupings, then fine tune around that. Barnes...
  2. jmg

    Thinking of buying a sled

    Thinking of buying an older snowmachine, something cheap to use on winter hunts and an occasional trail ride. Maybe even a project machine that needs a motor rebuilt to teach my son how to do that. Any thoughts on brands to get, or ones to avoid? I've mostly looked at older polaris Indy and...
  3. jmg

    Suggestions on a Kenai river boat

    We are looking at getting a boat to run on the Kenai river. In my head I was thinking of a Hewescraft river runner type boat - one that you steer from a helm, as opposed to tiller style. Did some fishing last week with a guy that as 21' flat bottom boat (lowe I think, like a jonboat), with a...
  4. jmg

    Polaris Hawkeye dies when throttled - fuel flow?

    Took my wife's 2006 Polaris Hawkeye 300 ATV out a couple weeks ago and got about a half mile up the road before it died. I can get it to idle fine, but when I hit the throttle, it kills it. I figured I'd start with the easy, obvious places and replaced the white fuel filter that is under the...
  5. jmg

    Trolling techniques for Homer winter Kings?

    Having recently purchased a boat that'll be docked in Homer this winter, I am looking for folks' favorite trolling setups for winter Kings down there. I have downriggers but no other equipment really. I've also never done any trolling for any type of fish previously, so I've been trying to read...
  6. jmg

    Suzuki DF250 maintenance on new-to-me boat

    I recently purchased a 1990 SeaSport Sportsman, 22’.Theinboard/outboard was converted to an extended bracket a few years ago with aSuzuki 250 4 stroke installed.The modeland serial number are DF250, 25003F-610148, which I take to be a 2016 DF250txmotor.If anyone thinks otherwise,please let me...
  7. jmg

    Boat service in Kenai and Homer areas

    I am in the process of purchasing a 22' Sea Sport with a Suzuki 250 outboard. It also has a Suzuki 9.9 kicker on it. I am looking for advice on maintenance/repair shops in the Kenai/Soldotna area, as well as Homer, as I will likely end up docking it down there most of the year. No immediate...
  8. jmg

    What am I missing on Hewescraft?

    I normally rent a 22' Sea Sport out of Homer to take out fishing, but I've been in the market to purchase a boat, so today I decided to rent a 22' Hewescraft Sea Runner, hard top and extended transom with a 200 hp outboard. I figured I'd try these out since they come for sale regularly. I gotta...
  9. jmg

    Bullet seating depth numbers - did I do this right?

    I am loading my first batch of rounds, 200 grain Nosler Partitions in 30-06. I have gone through a number of processes for measuring cases, bullet seating depth, etc. and just want to run numbers by everyone here out loud before I actually load everything down with powder in the cases. I have...
  10. jmg

    Where else to buy powders?

    Just curious where everyone gets their powders in town? I've called a few gun shops in town but nobody seems to carry it. Looking for RL-19 in a one pound bottle. Are Cabelas and Sportsmans the only places in town for stuff? Sportsmans has a 5 pound jug, but since I'm just getting started in...
  11. jmg

    Just starting out - powder selection?

    About a month ago I put a post in another getting started thread that loading was something I wanted to get into. I recently picked up a Lee Classic Turret kit and a set of dies for my 30-06. I plan on adding a powder funnel, a set of calipers for measuring case length, and still need to get a...
  12. jmg

    Best 200+ grain round for 30-06

    I am looking for factory loads for my 30-06 in something over 200 gr. I see Remington core lokt and federal make some, but was looking for Nosler or Barnes. Does anyone make factory loads like this? My Tikka really likes the noslers. This is for an upcoming nison hunt. Thanks in advance.
  13. jmg

    Meat lockers in Anchorage

    Given that moose season is upon us and the season is fairly warm out still, I was wondering if there are any meat lockers in town to hang game without having to pay for full-blown processing? We usually process our own animals at the house, but keeping them cool might be an issue this year. My...
  14. jmg

    GPS software - Garmin, OnX, or other?

    Finally replaced my Garmin etrex that was pushing 15 years old. I got a Garmin Rino 650. I have the old map source cd for my other unit, but I don't know if those are still compatible with newer units. I looked at the new Garmin software, but the onXmaps look interesting. It claims to have...
  15. jmg

    Pinks in hope?

    Thinking of taking the kiddos to Hope for the weekend and was wondering if anyone had any reports? Thanks in advance.
  16. jmg

    Inboard/Outboard vs. Outboard - Need advice

    Ok, so I am looking for some advice on getting a boat. I have wanted an ocean boat for years, many many years. A few years ago I broke down and bought one. I did very little research and really jumped right in - and honestly, was way over my head quick. I bought a 1988 Bayliner 2556 with...
  17. jmg

    Delta/Fairbanks Taxidermist Recommendation for Bison

    I was lucky enough this year to draw the delta bison bull tag coming up for the fall and I've decided that I would like to do a shoulder mount for it. I have only ever mounted a few sets of caribou antlers on wood plaques in the past, and thus, have never even attempted to cape out an animal...
  18. jmg

    South beach camping available despite tides?

    I was wondering if anyone made it to south beach this weekend, and if so, is camping available despite the high tides? Thanks in advance.
  19. jmg

    1998 foreman dies after minute or two

    I've had a 1998 Honda foreman 400 for about six or seven years. I recently put a warn winch on it, and got a warn plow for winter use. It worked several times really well, but the last four or five attempts to plow, the atv stalls out and is hard to get going again. It has gotten to the point...
  20. jmg

    What are you having for dinner tonight

    Tonight was caribou backstrap and fresh vegetables in Thai green curry. Served over pan fried angel hair pasta noodles. Sent from my SAMSUNG using Tapatalk 2

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