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    Another antler question.. reproduction skull

    I have the McKenzie reproduction Caribou skull for my larger set of antlers. It has square aluminum pegs. Just drill out the base and epoxy the pegs once the correct position is established?
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    Peeled velvet

    I was unable to preserve the velvet on my two sets of caribou antlers and peeled it off. Now they are blood stained. What is the best way to clean them up? Some of the tips were still pretty porous and soft also will these harden up? I have one set soaking in a pond hoping the that the micro...
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    Rejoin caribou skull cap halves?

    I have a caribou skull cap that I had to split for transport. What is the best way to repair/rejoin the two halves? I was thinking of fiberglass epoxy and cloth on the inside? I want to just do a panel mount. Will a whitetail antler panel kit work?
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    Antler transport/ packing material

    We will be flying into and out of Deadhorse/Kavik. I know the antler tips will have to be covered and the antlers wrapped. Any suggestions on what to use and how much we need to bring. I assume it will be scarce and trying to round it up after the fact would be difficult.
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    10mm vs .357 sig for bear?

    Going up around Kavik in Aug. 1st time to Alaska. Not a fan of the large frame glocks (20/21). Trade offs for the smaller .357? I have a G23 that I could get a conversion barrel for .357 preventing the need of a whole new gun. A handgun is not the best choice for bear defense obviously but out...
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    Painting antlers?

    I have a deer skull that sat in a bucket of water and rid X over the course of a winter and the base of the antlers turned black. I have painted the them with a wash of white latex and repaired a broken tip with two part putty. What paint or stain can I use to make them look original?
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    caping and hide care

    If I were to kill a wolf, how would i preserve the cape for several days while hunting caribou? How long will it last? Do I need to learn to get the hide off the head and flesh it out?
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    Caribou velvet peeled, stained antlers?

    If the velvet is still intact like in early August, can it be peeled without damaging the antler? Will they be hard enough to not bend or break? How likely is it to blood stain the antlers?
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    For caibou, what hip boot or wader?

    Never worn either so I have no experience. What is best if you basically have to live in them for a week?
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    Anchorage meat processors for non resident hunters?

    Looking for options on meat processors in anchorage for 2015 Caribou hunt. Not wanting to spend a lot of time in Anchorage on the way home. What are my options for getting meat home. Any processors have a 1 day turn around for flash freeze? We plan on having it all boned out and in 2 gallon...
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    Meat processors in Anchorage?

    Hunting Caribou in Aug. 2015 and will be flying out of Anchorage? What are my options for meat processing? Not wanting an extended stay in Anchorage so quick turn around would be awesome. Is there a place that will flash freeze and package quickly?
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    Non resident bow hunting certificate?

    So I think I understand that non residents must have a bow hunting training certificate only when hunting in "Archery only" areas? Is that true? Where would those areas be? Non-Resident HuntersAll bowhunters must have a Bowhunter Education Certification Card on their person while bow hunting in...
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    New here and wanting to learn.

    I am wanting to do a drop camp Caribou hunt in the future and would like to learn as much as I can about the state, caribou hunting with a bow and hunt planning. Any help i could get would be great. I will be doing a lot of searches here but some pointers on the basics would be nice. Thanks.