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    Lf flys of ak video

    Looking to see if anyone has a copy of this. It was done by Mark Wade. Put out in his tying classes and the sports shows. I believe Chris published it at ak angler publications. Its no longer made and i dont believe possible to get a copy from either of them these days. Any help is...
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    onion maggots?

    Had a onion plant die so I pulled it up, sure enough there they are. Any tips to get rid of or prevent (next year)? Covering them all year...or?
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    wood fired hot tubs

    I'm curious if anyone in the interior is keeping one going through the winter? Is a stock tank heater enough to keep it from freezing? Or is draining the most used method? I'd prefer not to drain. I'm debaiting woodfired hot tub or a sauna/steam shack.
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    rancid crabtree

    Hey were you a WBA board member from Delafield?
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    duck ID chart?

    Need a good one, I cant seem to find one we shot yesterday. I'm not much of a duck guy, though I got back into it this year mostly due to bad timing/weather on the bigger hunts. Found a lake loaded yesterday, had a blast, but couldn't ID some of them. Black bill, kind of an olivebrown...
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    potatoe blight (early)

    I don't know how or where it came from but after a visit from the co-op fellas he figured I have early blight. Late blight the garden would be dead in 2 days from what he was saying and basically mush (Irish potatoe famine). He took some samples back to UAF and figured out it was early...
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    alaska grow buckets?

    Saw this last night....and with wanting to grow a few peppers/cherry tomatoes I thought it might be a decent idea? Anyone try it?
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    peppers, sweet/hot interior

    Anyone grow them successfully in the interior? I've been reading on the coop ext site and they say they need to be grown through plastic mulch. So far the only real world growers I've met can get any fruit in green houses. Can it be done? if so would a raised bed, raised rows on top...
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    eskimo bows

    We had a thread going not too long ago on eskimo bows. In it I referenced some work a buddy had done and had published on cable backed bows and one that was here locally in squarebanks at a novelty shop at one point. Took me a long time to realize what I was looking at till he invited me to...
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    54 cal new englander

    so dad sent me this rifle recently and I finally ran some rb's down her on saturday. The barrel is a 1:48 twist. I ran some 530 rb's with .010 patches. They were what I thought to be a bit loose I started at 80 grains of pryodex RS for a handful and some at 90. The 80 shot ok at 50, the...
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    partner needed fast...we are on the geese!!!

    one who -doesnt mind a partner who sounds like a dying ostrich on a goose call -doesnt mind no sleep -doesnt mind carrying 50% of the load (seems so simple ha!) -doesnt mind being wet up to their armpits -likes wind -likes rain -likes snow -prefers the smell of bug juice -knows what end of a...
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    what bow

    Mud nice looking stick!!!! mines pretty obvious by the handle. thinking of a bear with a bbo this spring if I can find time to get it up to par. otherwise my go to is a liberty chief 2 piece, 60lbs.
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    bowhunter ed instructors and circulum

    Looking for some input some idears I'd like to toss up and present to the higher ups. I havent taught since the course changed. Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun by posting this...... Shoot me an email if you're interested in a possible change to the course. Thoughts...concerns...
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    Golden Norths banquet

    31 mar curling club. I think time start is 6-630 ....starts with a pot luck so bring a dish.
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    full length or neck resizing? 6ppc

    how do you know when to do what? Right now I'm gearing up to do a 6mm pcc. I also have a 7mm and hopefully a 22-250 again here shortly and would like to reload for both. Thinking about a 22ppc also. might as well ask, neck turning. is this required? I have the ruger m77 mark II...
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    redding t-7 press?

    Anyone got one, thoughts? Getting ready to order/buy a first press without spending a fortune looking for recommendations.
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    trap prep...dye and wax on older traps...boiling snares....

    Just curiuos what is the purpose of the dye? Why are we darkening our traps when we are setting in white snow? I understand some wax some dont......some of my older traps are waxed and used 2 years...I've reboiled them again this year more then a few times, there's still wax on them, though...
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    laughing with lynx

    So I must confess..this is my first go at lynx trapping. I'm a dog guy, and a pretty poor dog guy at lynx, SHOULD BE easy right...haha, read on. A couple days ago I laid some steel, 4 number 4 longs to be exact. 3 trails and one cubby in an area chock full of kitty sign. Just going...
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    mulitple snare trail set (fox lynx yote) And leg hold trail set.......

    Well I've had this issue in the past...finding out that I have mulitple species running a trail I like trapping off of..... I should be running a leg hold but love snaring it. Of the three close to home sets, I had 2 miss's. One swung the snare like it was a gate. the other knocked it...
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    goose silhouettes?

    Anyone have one or two in the interior I could borrow? Want to trace them out and build my own. Dont have the cash at this point to be putting down on a ton of decs (unless I can find some used for sale at a decent price).