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    half size shipping container "house" for sale, self contained

    Saw a new remote living "cabin" for sale now for 60 grand. Self contained 160 sq foot the size of a 20 foot shipping container. I'm not seeing any good pictures of the outside of it, but in true realtor fashion they feature tons of pictures of...
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    hover ads

    Am I the only one that keeps getting caught by those pesky ads that activate and fire up on this site just because you didn't pay attention to keeping your mouse off the ad? I tend to scroll about & use the mouse-wheel, and the hoverads get me all the time. It almost makes me prefer the...
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    anyone in Ketchikan looking to learn how to make jerky?

    The guy that taught me how to make jerky back in the 80's has professionally made/sold jerky for the past 20 years over the Internet. He's passing thru Ketchikan the morning of June 5th and can share some of his jerky for some of your Alaskan harvest. If you came through for him with some...
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    Do you have any halibut/moose/other to share or trade for fine beef jerky?

    An old friend of mine will be in Ketchikan the morning of June 5th and he wants to know if you'd like to share some of your fish/game in exchange for his beef jerky. He's interested in Halibut or moose mostly, but would be ok with any tasty Alaskan treat. He is able to get deer and elk himself...
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    you call THAT a canoe?????

    THIS is a canoe: For only 3 grand, this one of a kind 24 foot oceanliner could be yours. Here's the entire ad & pics placed here in Anchorage CL:
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    tricked out large canoe Check out the pictures of this cross between a cabin cruiser and canoe. What a one of a kind.
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    Just wanted to post a great experience buying from After putting up with a cracked factory grip on one hand gun for over a decade I broke down and ordered new Rosewood grips; they were custom made just for the exact model and sub-model of my gun; I was amazed it fit around the...
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    Question Why does tapatalk block a video embedded here that works from a PC?

    Reference this vid: Works fine on computer. Tapatalk says it infringes on copyright and refused to show. Who's right?
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    Take a guess, when F&G will post hunt draw results

    I think last year they put them out early. Years before that it was Friday at 5pm. When will it be this year?
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    providing spot lighting for a mount

    Anyone know a good place for some tightly beamed small spotlights to light up/highlight a mount? I'm looking for a tight beam for the spots, that doesn't spill over into a less than fully lit room. I'd prefer to buy in Wasilla/Valley/Anchorage/anywhere in that order.
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    subscriptions database got zapped?

    Looks like the info in the site's subscription database got hammered right around midnight. And its back up now but without old info. Was that an upgrade or a glitch?
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    reloading Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM), now that its manufacture is discontinued

    My favorite rifle is my .338 RCM Ruger. Mine is synthetic/stainless. With its 20 inch barrel, great iron sights, under-7-pound weight, and not much kick, its far and away the best rifle I've ever owned or shot. I like its flat shooting characteristic, its low weight and barrel length, and it...
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    Michael Strahan is trending now!

    OK, you're looking at a web page that's supposed to be about news and you see that (subject line) link - do you click on it? I did (yeah, yeah, yeah....) and here is the page you get: Real story...
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    Can a gun be purchased today, with the government shutdown?

    So as expected no one blinked and our gov is shut down in some ways now for the first time in 17 years. I read that ATF is one portion of our gov that is now shut down. (Reference item #4 on this page: ) Since...
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    Best small engine/mower repair in the valley?

    Got a 5 year old Sears power push-mower. Probably still runs great as always, but all the little geewhiz stuff on it died, like hand controls and the belt to self propel, and such, so it isn't running now without all its dumb safety interlocks all working. I need it fixed now since my backup...
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    SW in Wasilla

    Big news from SW today: - Ammo isn't being held in customer service any more, and they'll transfers calls they get about it to the hunting dept. - The hunting dept did receive 500 bricks of .22lr and they actually stocked their shelves with it. (That's a first, for some time now.) Before you...
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    Brain, please PM me asap

    Or if anyone knows his number, please tell him asap I have his porcupine here.
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    how to process a big fat porcupine?

    Got a nice fat brown/white beauty here. After greeting me with turning tail and considering quilling me (her butt went into the shape) after I greeted her with my small caliber semi going "click" extremely loudly. I think she'd heard a click before. Then I had my jam cleared (with first shot...
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    need no-hassle overnight rough camp spot are near the spit

    I need a place to park/camp overnight one night near the spit, to overnight between two days of fishing. Got a pickup with fully self contained camper pulling a fairly light boat. I'll pay campground fees if I must but would prefer to just to pull in, camp, and pull out the next morning. No...
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    Mike's Welding dipnets available in Valley anywhere?

    I'm looking for a 4' hoop boat net made my Mikes Welding of the elliptical aluminum. Does he ever stock them, up this way somewhere?