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  1. brule

    B-Day Ram

    2017 was to be my 3rd year sheep hunting and I was still searching for my first ram, something I'd been dreaming of since I was about 12 years old. 2015 brought my brother success on our walk-in hunt, 2016 a friend and I went in for a quick 4 day hunt and the weather left us with only 2 hunting...
  2. brule

    AK Peninsula grad gift

    My son graduated engineering school after 5 years of hardwork, and as a grad gift, my wife and I gave him an AK peninsula bear hunt. Thehunt would be my son, my brother, and I. My son and I would be looking for ourfirst brown bears and my brother looking for his second. We flew in on May 15to...
  3. brule

    Finally started setting the line

    The weather down here on the Peninsula had been warm and wet for the first 2 1/2 weeks of the season. We finally had a week of cold and a little snow, river levels dropped and today I was able to get the line going. Much more marten sign than last year. Last season I didn't get any marten below...
  4. brule

    New line is up and running

    After a year of scouting, my trapping partner and I were finally able to get our new line cut in and sets out on Nov. 15. The first two checks produced 5 marten and an ermine. We missed a few but that's just motivation to improve our sets. We've been experimenting with slight modifications to...
  5. brule

    First Caribou

    Last October my wife and I were finally able to live out our dream of moving to Alaska. I submitted my applications for the draw hunts, and was excited to receive the DC608 caribou tag. After a summer of preparing, researching and finding a friend with a strong back to join me, we were ready. We...
  6. brule

    Moving to Seward

    In two weeks I'll be relocating to Seward from Wisconsin. As soon as I have my PO box lined up I plan on joining the Alaska trappers association. Wondering if there are any trappers from the Seward area that would be willing to let me buy them a coffee or beer and give me some tips on possible...
  7. brule

    Wood smoke scent spook game?

    Working out equipment details for our moose drop hunt, and was wondering what everyones thoughts were on whether or not using a tent stove would spook the game in the areas around the drop camp?
  8. brule

    Lookin' for good color

    I'm a Wisconsin taxidermist coming to Alaska from 8-10 thru 8-24. I'm looking to catch and bring home some good specimens for my showroom. Where in the salmons spawning run can you expect to find them their most colorful?