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    What are you having for dinner tonight

    Moose Osso Buco whipped up in our new pressure cooker.
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    Glenn Highway Trail Conditions?

    Has anyone been out on any of the ATV trails along the Glenn recently? I was wondering what the trail conditions are for this upcoming weekend (Kings River, Permanente, Purinton/Boulder Creek, Eureka, etc). Thanks in advance!
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    Time to start thinking about spring?

    Saw this online today, hard to believe planting time is just around the corner.
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    Advice for winterizing the garden

    Looking for advice and suggestions to prepare my raised garden beds for the winter? Tilling, fertilizing, cover/not cover, compost???????
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    Anybody else looking at new sleds?

    I'm looking for a new sled for my wife this year. She has been riding my 2000 700 RMK (my backup sled), but after a few rides on my 07 Dragon she loves the ride and feel of the newer RAW chassis. Thinking of getting a 2010 600 RMK 155" with electric start for her. Dependable EFI engine, great...
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    Kings River/Ruby Lake Trails

    Just got back from riding by the Kings River up to Ruby Lake today. The trail was in great shape all the way up to the lake. Mud holes have pretty much dried up in the past few weeks...lots of visable rocks now! Also made a side trip up above Ruby lake overlooking Youngs Creek. Excellent...