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  1. bnkwnto

    Raspberry Island updates

    My wife and I are going to Raspberry Island 1-10 Nov to hunt a cow elk and hopefully a deer or two. We are flying over from Anchorage with Alaska Airlines and then flying out with Sea Hawk air. Anybody have any recent updates on the elk and deer populations on Raspberry? How much meat is on a...
  2. bnkwnto

    new fly rods for reds

    I need to buy 7 or so fly rods for red salmon. I'm looking for something with a lifetime warranty that will hold up to inexperienced users and not have the broom stick feel of a 10wt ugly stick. Last year the company I guided for used Echo 10wts and I was not happy with them at all. I know...
  3. bnkwnto


    Anybody been out riding this year yet?
  4. bnkwnto

    Jim creek water crossings

    I'm thinking about heading out to the Glacier later today so I'm wondering if someone could fill me on the current water crossing and ice conditions? I'm taking a friend with me who has never rode an ATV before so I don't want him to get in over his head:proud:. Thanks
  5. bnkwnto

    Show your home processing stations

    I just retired from the Army and bought my first house in Eagle River. Now that I'm not living in military housing or renting I want to set up my own little processing station in my garage. I prefer to everything myself vs turning in it all in. I already have a utility sink so the plumping is...
  6. bnkwnto

    studding out a lab ?s

    I have a chocolate lab that will be 3 yrs old on 9/11. He comes from long line of hunting/field champions etc. He is extremely smart and has a hunting drive like no other. He was easy to train and a joy to have around the house. He's a pointing lab and has proven himself over and over on...
  7. bnkwnto

    Glenallen area

    My dad's is coming up from Pearisburg VA with a volunteer group from his church to do some work on a medical facility in Glenallen the last two weeks of June. I'm letting my dad borrow my truck and fishing gear and I was hoping I could get some help pointing him towards some fishing close by if...
  8. bnkwnto

    Bringing the dog I want to figure out a way to bring my dog (75lb lab) along on the wheeler (Grizz 700) for hunting trips and slow easy trails. I found a dog carrier at but at almost $300 and then over $50 shipping I think that's a little too much. It's still...
  9. bnkwnto

    Recommendations/Advice for first hunting pack

    I've used a cabelas pack for several years and it's served me well. Last year I bought an internal frame KUIU pack and it's a lot more comfortable but it doesn't have as much room as the cableas pack. I've wanted to upgrade to the Barney's pack but I haven't bit that bullet yet. Does anyone...
  10. bnkwnto

    Skull and Mount Photo gallery

    sheep sheep Fur and Feather Taxidermy Mike Frazier
  11. bnkwnto

    Goat Mounts?

    goat rug goat rug
  12. bnkwnto

    customizing a 7mm-08

    I have a model seven 7mm-08. It's a little bit older gun with blued barrel and wood stock. I have thought about turning it into a light weight sheep gun. It's already short and very packable. What would it take to put it in a light weight synthetic stock or even putting a new barrel on it...
  13. bnkwnto

    passion for ?

    family and friends family and friends Sheep hunting is my passion but I have to admit it was really special to put dad on his first Caribou. He is from VA and had never hunted anything but whitetails so you can imagine the look on his face!
  14. bnkwnto

    I posted this on Fly Tying but it is a subject worth discusssing here

    Jackie and James Jackie and James When I first got to Alaska I decided that I really needed to learn how to fly fish. I went to the PX and bought a $35 5wt with reel, line and everything included. I watched a few videos and was finally able to catch a few extremely small stock trout in a...
  15. bnkwnto

    Hunting DVDs, Alaska books, hunting/fishing mags, Alaska history, Kodiak

    I’m currently on another vacation in Afghanistan so it looks we are all are going to miss spring bear hunting, all of the summer fishing and fall hunting season. So if you have any hunting dvds, Alaska history books, books about Kodiak, Sheep hunting etc. and don’t mind parting with them I’d...
  16. bnkwnto

    Bird hunting this year, what have you seen this year?

    wolverine wolverine I've been hunting/hiking in alaska as much as possible for the last 6 years and this is the only wolverine I've ever seen. He was feeding on a caribou and I got lucky. Not a bad way to start off a ptarmigan hunt! Hoyt thanks for sharing.
  17. bnkwnto

    2011 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    First wolverine First wolverine Just another awesome Alaska weekend, limits of ptarmigan and my first wolverine plus Jeff got another nice Fox.
  18. bnkwnto

    crazy ram hunt

    exit holes exit holes DOC, I normally don't like to post bloody pics but here you go. The first shot hit excatly where I was holding left and right wise but hit a few inches high. The wind had no effect on the bullet and due to the drastic downhill angle the bullet wasn't effected at all...
  19. bnkwnto

    crazy ram hunt

    heavy pack heavy pack For you gear junkies: Havlon knife- worked excellent but broke a few blades due to rushing and cold hands Kenetrec light boots- Not as much support as higher boots but light and got the job done Winchester model 70 wsm- Rifle did everything it was suppose to do but it's...
  20. bnkwnto

    crazy ram hunt

    Our packs where over two miles away but thankfully Jed had a pocket knife. We took a few pictures and gutted him so he would cool down. Then we made the trip to get our packs and move camp back to the airstrip and then go back for the ram. Thankfully, the whole ordeal ended up putting the ram...

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