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    Trapping Bait

    I'm on Palmer Fishhook Rd.
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    Trapping Bait

    I have the frozen hide in 2 pieces and the head of a cow moose killed yesterday. I'll have the ribcage, front shoulder bones, and trimmings by this evening. Pm me if you'd like them.
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    Don’t buy these Speer bullets

    I'm pretty sure I have some extra Speer 250gr Grand Slam bullets, along with some other sizes. I'll look tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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    Yamaha Outboard Service

    Any suggestions for getting a Yamaha F115 worked on in the Valley or Anchorage??
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    Kenai River Guides

    Is there a list available somewhere that lists Kenai River Sportfish Guides names by the Guide number on their boats?
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    Lost Bag on Denali Highway

    We lost a black, waterproof duffle bag full of clothes/gear either at the Denali Highway Mile 91.7 camping spot by the lake on the south side of the highway, or along the Mile 91.7 trail itself. Would really appreciate if you could spread the word. Thanks.
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    Another Chance at a Delta Bison Permit

    Here's another Delta Bison permit oppurtunity I just recieved in my email. June 17, 2020 Dear Outdoor Enthusiast, Like you, we are doing our best to survive these extraordinary times. Our two Divisions combined have had to trim nearly nine million dollars from important conservation programs...
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    Throttle/Shift Cables

    Where in the Valley can I buy throttle/shift cables for a Yamaha outboard? How about Anchorage?
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    Kenai River Personal Use Dip Net Fishery Open 24 Hours Per Day

    (Soldotna) - The Kenai River personal use dip net fishery will be open 24 hours per day, beginning 11:00 p.m. Saturday, July 27 through 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, July 31, 2019. The area of the Kenai River open to personal use dipnetting remains the same. Please review pages 13-16 of the 2019...
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    Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Bag Limits Increased

    (Soldotna) - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is increasing the sport fishing bag and possession limit for salmon, 16 inches or longer, except for king, pink, and coho salmon, in the Kenai River downstream of Skilak Lake to six per day and twelve in possession effective 12:01 a.m...
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    Ice Fishing 2018

    Anybody been out there yet??
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    Electric Fence

    Will an electric fence still work with ice, snow, or frost on it?? It's not touching the ground in any way.
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    Upper Cook Inlet Sockeye Assessment July 24, 2018

    On July 24, 2018, Upper Cook Inlet (UCI) Commercial Fisheries staff estimated the Kenai Riversockeye salmon run will be less than 2.3 million fish.With this inseason assessment, management of the Upper Subdistrict set gillnet and CentralDistrict drift gillnet commercial fisheries changes to the...
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    Peaceful Site Now

    Who would have thought you could ask questions and get real answers, without 10-20 jokes on this forum? It's downright peaceful!!
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    Kenai River King Forecast

    Does anyone else have any trouble believing that the Kenai River king salmon run is just about the only king run in the state that is forecasted to be healthy? Should be an interesting summer.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    To you and yours!
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    New Nelchina Caribou Regs

    Board just amended and passed proposal 33. Basically the Community caribou hunts stay the same. Tier 1 hunters will now apply for either Aug 10 - Aug 31, or Sept 1 - Sept 20 season, with both also being able to hunt the Oct 21 - March 31 season if it's held. Tier 1 hunters will still be...
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    Nelchina Caribou Emergency Order

    NOTICE OF ADOPTION OF EMERGENCY REGULATIONSOF THE ALASKA BOARD OF GAMEOn February 23, 2017, the Board of Game adopted as emergency regulation, changes in Title 5of the Alaska Administrative Code, dealing with hunting bag limits for caribou in Unit 13: 1. 5 AAC 85.025(a)(8) is changed as follows...
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    Fly Reels

    What are the fly reels called that have drags on them similar to a spinning reel?? The ones where a person can hold onto the handle, or be reeling in, while the line is going out.
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    Lee's Flying Service

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Lee's Air Taxi?? Are they still in business?? No one answers the phone or returns any messages, and their email and website don't work. Who else in the Glennallen area has a Beaver on floats??

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