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    Paxson Lake Launch

    The family is planning a trip over there and I know there is a boat launch at the BLM Campground. Is it a good enough to launch a 22 foot boat with no worries? Also, any tips for fishing it?
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    Perfect Handle Length for the Boat Dipnet???

    I am building a new handle as I hate mine from sucks.... What is the perfect handle length for the Kenai??? Do I use schedule 40??? or 80??? Any other ideas or thoughts? I am not worried about welding aluminum as I do it all the time.
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    Xtratuf boots

    If anyone gets sick of their boots I bought these Bogs as S.W. and I find them really nice - good traction, warm, steel toes, and seemingly well made. It an alternative if the ones the OP doesn't work out as planned.
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    How long can I keep fish on ice on an extended trip

    I read the reg. The part that is bugging me is "possession". Here's why: I'm not really here to argue, but to clarify. Isn't the legal language between regulators and the enforcement officers "common"? If so, according to the State doc that I posted, page 5 of the Sportfishing Regs...
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    Garmin 740 Combo Pack Opinions

    West Marine has the Garmin 740 combo (fish finder/GPS) on sale for $2000 with the radar dome. Anyone have any experience with it? Or, is there a better route to go for about the same money. Thanks in advanced.
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    20 HP Tohatsu on 14 Foot Skiff

    I'm thinking of putting a brand new 20 hp Tohatsu on my semi v-hulled skiff. I get around 20-25 mph with my 20 hp Factory Johnson Jet on the boat with two guys rigged for fishing the Deska or Little Su. I am only going to use it the tohatsu prop motor on local lakes and the Kenai for dipnetting...
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    Be Careful Where You Buy: Walmart's 36 million dollar Anti Fishing Donation.....

    Here is a link to an interesting read: As usual shop where you like, but in the back of my mind I know what I am thinking when the wife goes there for groceries.....
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    Evinrude 6 hp help....

    I have a 6hp 70s evinrude outboard that starts on the first pull but doesn't have the power it used to last season. Here's what I have done so far: -tested compression and each cylinder is at 100 psi -checked for spark and each cylinder is firing -cleaned the carb and put the rebuild kit...
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    Our first fish of the year!

    For what is worth, I caught these on January 27th....
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    Favorite Anchorage on the North Gulf Coast?

    My favorite is Taz Basin. What I am I missing in other places?
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    Cracker Jack this week...

    A guide boat ran on the rocks last week and was taking on water. Anyone know anything?

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