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  1. Matt Cline

    Deer Harvest Reports

    With deer season in Prince William Sound drawing to a close,I just wanted to remind all hunters to diligently fill out their harvest reportcards and get them mailed off the ADF&G. Getting these harvest reportsfilled out as accurately as possible is essential to help our ADF&Gbiologists manage...
  2. Matt Cline

    Prince William Sound Deer Populations

    Just got the deer pellet count report and an article in the Cordova Times explaining the results and thought I'd post it here for those of you that are interested. If you have specific questions about the methodology used, please contact the Area Biologist: Charlotte Westing on (907) 424 3215...
  3. Matt Cline

    Great Alaska Sportsman Show

    Just a heads up from Aquetec LLC - we won't be at the Anchorage Sportsman Show in our usual booth this year as we are working a project out at Naked Island at the moment! We do still have one 4 day spring bear hunt open though and a few 6 day fall deer hunts as well. Call us for dates on (907)...
  4. Matt Cline

    Lecture on Prince William Sound Deer

    When: Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 at 7pm Location 1: USFS 3rd floor Conference Room in Cordova Location 2: PWS Community College in Valdez Title: Sitka Black tailed deer in Prince William Sound - What we know, what we don't know, what we wish we knew and what we're doing about it. This talk...
  5. Matt Cline

    Montague Island today

    For those of you asking about snow levels on Montague Island, here is a photo taken earlier today.
  6. Matt Cline

    Prince William Sound Oyster Fans

    Last night we cooked up a huge pot of delicious oyster stew for our guests staying on the Cathy G in Culross Cove (our 76' Prince William Sound Lodging vessel). We bought the oysters at the Perry Island oyster farm and as usual they were top notch. The oysters were clean and well maintained. The...

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