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  1. K Dill

    Notice: 2017 Locking Tags - 2016 Prices

    About 3 weeks or so ago ADF&G began selling 2017 locking tags. The current price through the end of the year is the 2016 rate(s). It appears the new higher rates will begin on Jan 1, 2017. I bought my 2017 moose tag and license saving nearly $500 vs waiting until 2017 to purchase. I know a lot...
  2. K Dill

    Solo Moose Butchering

    And again...thanks for the knowledge shared here. Gutless is basically all I've ever done on problem getting it done. I can get every piece of required meat without gutting. I do a rib-roll cut (basically a rolling fillet) of the rib meat without cutting out the ribs. This is what...
  3. K Dill

    Solo Moose Butchering

    This is the first year for me to do a completely solo wilderness moose hunt. All off my previous moose hunts have been with a partner and we shared the butchering job on all our bulls. I have no problem with understanding anything regarding how to completely butcher and bone out a moose. What...
  4. K Dill

    Fairbanks Known Shipper Wanted

    I am looking for a Known Shipper in or near Fairbanks who could handle the Air Cargo shipping of frozen meat, capes and antlers to the lower 48 states. Can anyone help me find that shipper? Thank you in advance.
  5. K Dill

    what is the best backpack frame with bags?

    Packs are so individual. I started with Kelty aluminum frame units. I bought a couple Kifaru Duplex models and didn't like either of them for extremely heavy meat loads...sold both. Bought a Barney's Freighter Frame and it was like meeting an old best friend. It just fits my needs and purposes...
  6. K Dill

    Interior Bears Get Big!

    Having seen the thread about the record interior grizzly, I recalled an image given to me by a friend. This is a trail cam image taken in 2012. The camera was set up on a moose carcass taken by the hunter. I had hunted this area the previous 2 years and had a run-in with this bear previously. I...
  7. K Dill

    Bear Defense: Beyond The Handgun

    Hey 4mer.... :) Right or wrong, I went with a modified .45-70. A little bit of a remarkable story. I had decided on a stainless Marlin Guide Gun but didn't like the fit, finish and operation of the two I located. Another forum member here almost sold me his WWG CoPilot, but opted out. On a...
  8. K Dill

    The Eye In The Sky

    In both of my cases the troopers landed near camp, as they obviously wanted to check out the scene there. In both cases there were zero problems and I ended up trading names and stories with the trooper. I felt that both were good guys. I told one of them if he'd shown up 15 minutes earlier he...
  9. K Dill

    The Eye In The Sky

    Of course, it never pays to be a violator anywhere doing anything. Alaska has been extremely active in pursuit of violators for decades, but helicopters seem to be getting used with increasing frequency. I've personally had AK troopers fly helicopters into my remote camps and land there to check...
  10. K Dill

    Thigh Holster for Pistol Carry with Pack

    For anyone interested (and unable to locate), my holster is a Bianchi UM84R. This model will fit a variety of big bore revolvers, but be sure to visit the Bianchi website and check your gun against their holster sizing. Mine is OD green, but they are available in black and woodland as well. The...
  11. K Dill

    Bear Defense: Beyond The Handgun

    I'vedecided to step up my game next year. I am a bowhunter exclusively, and have only carried a handgun for several years on my remote fly-in hunts. Just 6 days ago we had a grizzly hit our meat cache repeatedly, and essentially destroyed over 500 pounds of prime boned-out moose meat. This bear...
  12. K Dill

    What pistol caliber good for ....... moose attack?

    I guess I don't spend much time worrying about a moose attack, but I'm pretty sure that would change if I lived in the midst of them. Big ungulates are just predictable enough to provide a false sense of security, but there is plenty of potential for them to become aggressive and hurt people. In...
  13. K Dill

    Barneys packs

    For those who gave me ideas and advice on securing meat bags to my Barney's Freighter, here's what I did. Via the auction site I ordered some 1" mil-spec webbing, and some duplex buckles. Dropped by the big W and bought some upholstery thread and crewel needles. I did some research and learned...
  14. K Dill

    Knives and tools for moose

    I have to pack super-light for where I hunt. All my meat gets boned-out on site and backpacked to the pole for fly-out. I simply can't devote weight to a butchering pack of knives. I got lucky and discovered the Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point. Very light physical weight. The grip is...
  15. K Dill

    compact camera recommendation

    Probably a mite big for what you're wanting: I was advised by a pro to look at the Canon Powershot G12. I did and bought one. Took it to Hawaii (goats, pigs, deer), Florida (alligators), and Alaska (moose and caribou) in 2011. Most phenomenal and easy camera I've ever used.
  16. K Dill


    Thanks AlaskaHippie...that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. A little redundancy can be a good thing, especially when it means safety. Things get drowned, batteries croak, and the unexpected happens. I've been in enough places on the North America continent to know that sat phones aren't...
  17. K Dill

    For you DOWN bag users:

    I think someone is mad..... I'll go gentle on ya Skippy: I'm pretty sure most of us like to hear about and discuss good gear for our adventures. It's great to hear opinions and see what others use...and why they use it. That's how we often learn about new items and such. What we don't really...
  18. K Dill


    Do you use, or have experience with an ELB? (meaning a non-subscription beacon...and not the SPOT units) I thought about mentioning this on one of the satellite phone or SPOT threads, but decided not to hijack one. I regularly hunt the backcountry of central Alaska, by Super Cub drop. You can...
  19. K Dill

    The Sourdough Slipper

    I have Wiggy's Waders and have used them multiple times on several hunts, so I'm 100% familiar with their use. I've had generally good experiences with them, but multiple leaks are the rule each season. I've done repeated patching and sealing to keep them in play. I only use them to cross water...
  20. K Dill

    Serrated Blade vs Straight (as in Cutco) On Big Game

    I recall reading on here about the popularity of Cutco knives; specifically the 5718 or 5719 models. Both of these models are available in the DD blade which is serrated, or conventional straight blades. My questions are these: Do you like the serrated blade? How does in perform at skinning...

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