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  1. wildog

    Rock fishing out of Seward in the winter?

    Just wondering if anyone fishes out of Seward or Whittier in the winter for rockfish/ling cod. Do the fish bit as well in the winter, or are there different approaches? Are they deeper or in the same places generally? I know most people don't go out when it gets really cold and most winterize...
  2. wildog

    Kenai drift: What is a nice drift for silvers?

    Looking to drift Monday and Tuesday for silvers on the Kenai or somewhere close to that. I'll be using my small wooden drift boat my Dad built. I was thinking swiftwater to Centennial? Some of the lower takeouts? Looking for a fairly short drift. Also I don't remember much about the rules on...
  3. wildog

    Webcam in Resurrection Bay?

    I thought there used to be a webcam just outside of Resurrection Bay, but I can't find it anymore. Only the one of the harbor. I think it was near Pony Cove. Anyone know about this? Thanks.
  4. wildog

    Fishing the lower Kenai from a boat/kayak for reds

    Anyone ever do this? I've been thinking of trying it for a while now, but not sure if there are good places to stop and fish for them such as islands/rocks where you might get away from crowds and still catch fish.
  5. wildog

    Kayaking the lower Kenai and doing some fishing for reds?

    Interested in trying this next week, but not sure where to try it. Thinking of Bings, Stillwater, Centennial? Anyone ever do this? Are there good islands to fish from? I might try the freshwater fishing forum also, but thought I'd ask here. Thanks if you can.
  6. wildog

    electric fillet knife for rock fish

    Anyone use this for rock fish? I have been mullling it over for a long time now, as the family loves the black bass but the Dad (me) hates getting stabbed by them and dulling his favorite fillet knives. (Maybe I just need to change techniques)
  7. wildog

    Advice: priming bearcats every year

    I have two 99' 440 bearcats. Love the old things. They run great, but every year when I go to start them there is no fuel in the lines. Each one has a primer, but they don't seem to work when the lines are dry. Either the primers are no good, or they are not effective when the lines are dry...
  8. wildog

    Need a boat towed to Anchorage

    I (also) need a boat towed to Anchorage (from Portland, but can be send from Seattle or wherever down there) if you are coming this way. I will pay $3000.00. The boat is nice, and is 27 feet, so you could sleep in it and be very comfortable. You would need a f250/2500 or f350/3500...
  9. wildog

    Winter moose good to eat?

    I have a question. I'm not an avid hunter, in fact you could say the animals are pretty safe when I'm out. :) I have a chance to do a registration winter hunt for moose. Are moose good to eat in December? It's any bull. Do they even have antlers in December?
  10. wildog

    Are these chums?

    They look like it to me, but just want to verify.
  11. wildog

    Garmin 740S

    I installed a Garmin 740S this summer. I'm loving the system, it's really fast. The Radar overlay is great too. The only problem I am having is that some of the depth numbers on the maps are not accurate. There are some spots that it says one depth (140 feet for example), but we get there...
  12. wildog

    What kind of fish?

    Always fun to post and read these, but unfortunately I have no pictures this time. We were in Homer a month ago, fishing near Elizabeth Island. This one fish kept circling the boat, maybe 10 feet down for half an hour. It wouldn't take any bait either, thought about snagging it but didn't...
  13. wildog

    Is it too early to talk about silvers?

    Anyone pick up any silvers yet out of Seward? Usually it's "late" June, they should be charging this way very soon.
  14. wildog

    Herring in Seward

    Every year I threaten to make an April or early May trip to Seward to catch herring for the season, for fun and also to make sure I get good bait for the year. I never really get that good of an answer on how or where to get them for sure though. Anyone know if/when they are "in" down there...
  15. wildog

    What kind of fish is this?

    Caught this cool looking thing today in PWS while the buddies were hunting bears.
  16. wildog

    Is it going to be lonely at Montague this year?

    With fuel prices at over $4/gallon and rising? What are charter prices going to look like, and what is it going to do to tourism?
  17. wildog


    I have the original radar on my boat (2004 Hewescraft), but I have no idea how to operate it. I have tried many times and I don't know if I'm using it correctly, and I can't really tell what I'm looking at. There are a bunch of buttons with letters/numbers that I don't recognize. Is there...
  18. wildog

    Close call?

    I was coming back to Whittier, above Knight Island Passage somewhere, I think around the Main Bay area on Thursday afternoon. I met two boats that were charging south, one following comforably behind the other. The first was a pretty large cat and the second was a GlacierCraft (I think). I...
  19. wildog

    Shrimpi regulation question

    1. What is the date it closes in PWS 2. Is it still a maximum of five pots? (I heard a rumor recently that it was different). Thanks if you can.

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