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    Electrical Journeyman Licence and much more

    Class A CDL and you won't find a better drivers record, can weld, built and maintained ski lifts years ago, not afraid of the cold, can operate equipment, would work remote, love the ocean, I have an ACB heavy water boat, in very good physical shape. Don't need health insurance, would like a job...

    Need to do work on my trailer, which lake?

    What's the closest lake, 22' Harbercraft, thanks.

    Might sell my 2004 29' ACB

    Twin 225 Yamahas with 800 hours, well maintained, always ran well, best mpg for a multi night load is 16 at 28 mph, will do 45, 130 gallon tank, some paint corrosion, trailer needs brake work, cutty cabin with flush head, 2 long bench seat, sleeps 4 men, back deck will fish 4, handles rough...

    Kicker for long distant travel

    I will start taking summers off soon and thinking about putting a kicker setup on my 29' Aluminum Chambered Boat for much better range on much less gas. The boat is 8.5' wide, I have twin 225 Yamaha now and on a good day get just under 2 MPG, hope to double to triple that at 6 or 7 knots. Any...

    Whittier boat ramp

    Memorial day I was retrieving my 29' boat from a weekend out, no room at the very west ramp but the middle ramp was empty. After doing the boats don't stay in one spot float I got up to the west ramp, I quickly stopped at the ramp shack and talked to the gal "sitting" inside, she said the west...


    If you haven't seen it google it, most of us could never afford one but very cool.

    Hard sliding windows

    What do you put on a sliding window in a boat to make easier to move ?

    Desperate To Ride

    Where can I go to do some mountain riding in Alaska?

    Found at the Whittier boat wash area

    Late Tuesday night found boat tie down strap at the wash station, describe in a message with a phone number and I will call you back.
  10. ACBMAN

    Birth tree with rowed leafs and Caterpillar inside

    We have one Birch tree in our yard about 6" round and 20' tall, is this harmful to the tree and is there anything we can do about it?
  11. ACBMAN

    "The Thing" can with cooker

    Love my 2013 Summit 800 Etec, only complaint is no way to put a cooker on it, anyone used "The Thing" can with cooker?
  12. ACBMAN

    Best way to fix a klim jacket tear

    and fix a zipper.
  13. ACBMAN

    Oil bath trailer bearings to grease

    Tired of water getting into oil (milky looking, oil never leaks out), grease zirk threads into drain plug hole. Anyone ever done this?
  14. ACBMAN

    Oil bath trailer bearings to grease

    Tired of water getting into oil (milky looking, oil never leaks out), grease zirk threads into drain plug hole. Anyone ever done this?
  15. ACBMAN

    White brand Superslug .503 caliber, 600 grain lead

    I have 60 White brand Superslug .503 caliber, 600 grain lead, can anyone use them? Going to melt down for sinkers if no one can shoot them.
  16. ACBMAN

    Which machine did you snow check

    I'm getting a 2013 Skidoo Summit 800 with 154", didn't go to arctic man but did rent a 2012 and went to Eureka. What a machine and got 15 mpg, 105 miles and I was not being nice to it, can't wait to see what the T- Motion suspension is like. I decided to spend the money when I went back the next...
  17. ACBMAN

    Whittier tunnel passes

    Bought 30 truck with trailer passes, want to sell 20 at $15 each, good forever.
  18. ACBMAN

    Are my flares good?

    I have 4 Orion red flares which expire 7/2012, they don't say anything about being for day + or night on them, what do you think?
  19. ACBMAN

    Hit a rock

    Well it finally happened, been having a great time this winter going high in the deep and took out my heat exchanger, (in front of the track) it's on a 2005 Yamaha Rage that was extended to a 144". Anyone know where I can pick up a used one? After I fix it I'm going to build a guard to protect...
  20. ACBMAN

    Kudos to the Rule Company

    Last spring I bought a Rule-Mate 750 GPH bilge pump, my last trip out it would start up when needed but not turn off without turning it off with the breaker. Two weeks ago I call them, (got the number from West Marine) they needed a number off a wire on the pump. I got that, called them back and...

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