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  1. Kotton

    .338 for goats

    First time taking it to the range later this coming week.Was gonna go with the factory federal tsx 225 grain since I have a few free boxes.Ive heard from a few 2 1/2 high at 100 for 200 zero but searching everyone has a different in drop at 300 400 yards.Ill learn the gun at a range but killing...
  2. Kotton

    The great AF&G

    Well tried to bite my tongue but can't anymore,would like some opinions on my debacle. Started with a goat report in kodiak last week..Gave my info on a report last week when after I was done the lady told me wait a minute.You are on the naughty list for not reporting your unit 13 Bou tag? Wait...
  3. Kotton

    Non Res draw question??

    Well gonna set up a deer hunt after the draw comes out.Just got a call from my oldest brother saying he wants to come up next fall. Looking into the draw supplement and were we hunt on kodiak there is a 100% draw rate on non res but was reading into it and the exclusive guide rights only let...
  4. Kotton

    74 days till sheep opener woohoo!!

    Man it sure does come quick!Hopefully me and Lujon are sitting on a bruiser August 9th at 11:59 pm waiting to take a shot! Can't wait to get into some sheep country.Not much for new gear for me this season finally! Now to decide what gun to take?Get my new .270 to shoot or take one of my...
  5. Kotton

    2013 spring blackie pics

    It started off slow this year with our spot and stalk but last Saturday to Tuesday we went 4 for 4 on stalks.Almost went 5 in 5 on Wednesday but couldn't get it done.A bit late but thought I would share some pics. Jon's boy Dominic's first bear a big 6'9"squared bruiser April's 5'8" sow...
  6. Kotton

    Any steelhead fishing in Juneau?

    Was wondering if any of you guys from Juneau fish steelhead or cutthroats this time of year?Most of the creeks seem to be enough water to fish.Just wanting to do something on are off days down here.If we can't fish we are gonna go try and find some blue grouse to shoot.
  7. Kotton

    Kodiak blacktails finally made it home!

    Well after waiting on a taxi to get my capes home for 2 years,I took them back after everything I've been through with my second hack taxi.Took them to Dan out of Artistic Wildlife Taxidermy out of palmer.Can't say enough of his work,He is a true artist at his job.Only waited 6 months,and he had...
  8. Kotton

    Looking for advice on a good horn carver?

    Well plan on getting my ram from last year carved.Have an idea of doing both horns and displaying it as a euro mount.Have no idea about good carvers though.Kinda be cool to use Tony Russ seen he does them.Anyone ever got any sheep horns carved and who did you let do the work?
  9. Kotton

    My kodiak brown bear!!

    Waiting on some better pics from my buddy's camera but thought I'd share this one. Sqaured 10' 27 3/16 skull
  10. Kotton

    2012 Brooks Range Quest

    Well time has finally arrived.Headed to Fairbanks for the flight out tomorrow.The sheep bug has already set in when me and lujon were 900 yards from two very close to legal talkeetna rams on opening day.They fed right to were we were gonna be set up for the shot!Just ran out of time. Should...
  11. Kotton

    2011 ram home(finally quality made it home!!)

    First off if it wasn't for mossyhorn I would not have a brooks ram under my belt,Thanks a lot buddy can't wait to hit the hills with you again this year.Well got my ram home and it looks like a sheep should!!Sure can't wait for this season to hurry up and get here.
  12. Kotton

    Some spring blackie pics

    Had a great day yesterday.Nothing monster but we went 3 for 3 on our stalks and think we have enough sausage. Jakes bear Johns bear My bear
  13. Kotton

    ? on black bear spot/stalk #'s

    After sitting here not being able to sleep thinking of how I blew this evenings stalk was just wondering those on here's numbers on how many stalks does it take you usually to make one hit the dirt? Iv'e been on 3 and watched 1 this spring and only one made it to the freezer.Last year was 10 to...
  14. Kotton

    Alaska brown bear/grizzly B&C Question?

    I got stuck looking at the b&c site after looking at the swank ram and got to wondering were is the boundry from AK browns to grizzly's?? Iv'e never thought of it until now.I know they call the Kenai,Kodiak and the peninsula's brown bears.But what of the browns up north ,I've always heard them...
  15. Kotton

    winter time blues

    Here is a few fish me and my wife caught on our family trip in hawaii...Double hook up,jazz beat me reeling them up.Took her only 45min to get her 160lbs blue marlin on board,took me 1hr to get my 220lbs on the boat.She was purdy proud!She is still strutting around.
  16. Kotton

    Remington 710

    Well I've never seen one until today.My pops picked it up for 250$ and gave it to me.First thing I noticed was the bolt isn't the smoothest,and I don't like how you load it with the plastic clip.It is nothing like the 700's I've handled. Just want to know if anyone out there has dealt with...
  17. Kotton

    Got my 2010 ram home!!!

    Finally got my sheep back from the taxi and on the wall,the pics didn't turn out the best it sure looks better in person!
  18. Kotton

    Any one have any good sea duck recipes?

    Going to kodiak next week and going to spend a few days sea duck hunting.Well I never had a chance to eat one besides a goldeneye,and that didn't turn out well.I'm not fond of killing anything I can't eat(excluding grizz and predators).I am hopping to catch a few for the wall but other than...
  19. Kotton

    Note to self...Carry harvest tickets why in the woods!!!

    Took the family up a trail to pick some berry's today.Ran into a 5.5'-6' blacky gathering some berry's also,got to with in 8yrds of him as he fed.Nice coat,decent size,had my .480 ruger,no harvest tags!!!!Next time he will become sausage!!!
  20. Kotton

    Packrafting for silvers

    Took the girls out fishing yesterday and brought the new packraft to cross the slough and get away from some fishermen.Hiked in and to my amazement had the hole to our selfs,got the raft wet for the first time.Can't wait to float a goat out this September!!

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