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  1. slickwilly30

    Northlander #2 GPAA Claim

    Just a heads up to all GPAA memebers the Northlander #2 claim on Colorado creek on the Kenai Peninsula is no longer a GPAA claim. Any questions contact your local chapter.
  2. slickwilly30

    20 Mile Run

    not an alumaski but will go just as far and haul more gear and a buddy. Looking forward to early winter and early spring runs!
  3. slickwilly30

    20 Mile Run

    Who's up for a 20 Mile run around the 7-9th of November. Time to get your boats out one last time before freeze up. Go bash some rocks and jumps some logs!
  4. slickwilly30

    Chickaloon Geese

    Ruger is a not used to geese but he did very well.
  5. slickwilly30

    Chickaloon Geese

    I Never been out there before and talked about doing it for years so my buddies and myself decided to give it a shot, with a ranger 6x6 and an RZR. Its a long run around the point for anyone that is thinking of doing this trip from captain cook. But it is worth it. We left a few hours after high...
  6. slickwilly30

    Any reports from the Chikaloon Flats?

    Anyone been out flying or heard of reports for ducks and geese from chickaloon. Wanting to head out there next week and hoping the birds are still around. With the warm weather on the Kpen this weekend I am hoping they are hanging out. Thanks
  7. slickwilly30

    Dennison, Mosquito and West fork- 40 Mile boating?

    I have been trying to find info on these rivers in the 40 mile area when it comes to power boats. I am not sure if there are power boat restrictions for these areas or not. If there isn't, has anyone ran any of these rivers in a jet or an airboat? I know the south fork has hovercrafts on it so I...
  8. slickwilly30

    20 Mile Glacier Fork vs Mclaren river rock garden?

    Anyone ran the twenty mile glacier fork and also the boulder garden on the Mclaren river? If so how do they compare? I am planning on day trip hunting(not my choice) caribou out of the camper with my wife and have heard the boulder garden is horrible. I have ran the twenty mile up to the glacier...
  9. slickwilly30

    I got my new hunting rig complete....

    Finished my new hunting buggy should get me into some neat places. :topjob:
  10. slickwilly30

    I got mine!!! Not what I hoped for but something is better than nothing.

    Not the best draws but better early then late!!
  11. slickwilly30

    For all you Mini Boat junkies :-)

    Yes the craze has hit me too, I started a few months ago sourcing a ski and trying to get everything in order to get started. Had two weeks off and was able to get some stuff done. Seems to go together very nicely. A jig is a must in my opinion. Here are some photos. Hope these help anyone...
  12. slickwilly30

    Meat processor/storage Tok or Glennallen area.

    I am planning on stopping by Eureka for three days and try and fill a DC480 tag before heading to moose camp in the Tok area and was wondering if anyone knew of a processor or anyplace in either Glennallen or Tok areas with cold storage where I could store a caribou or have it processed while I...
  13. slickwilly30

    Anybody know anything about this Wooldridge Boat?

    I am trying to get some info on this 12' Wooldridge boat, I think it might make a good hull for a jet ski inboard conversion. Has anyone seen one of these before? Thoughts or ideas on converting to an inboard jet sled? Any info would be nice. Thanks
  14. slickwilly30

    Alaska Series Jet Rangers are incredible boats A little video I put together of a recent trip on the Kenai Peninsula.
  15. slickwilly30

    2012 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    9 3/4" by 5 3/4" South Kodiak Road System
  16. slickwilly30

    2012 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    My 60", friends first at 51" and a family shot of both.
  17. slickwilly30

    New website with some really great info.....

    Check out the link below for some really good info. Seems to be a new website aimed at the hunting/backpacking enthusiast.
  18. slickwilly30

    Mid-Late April Homer Halibut

    Anybody have any luck out of Homer for halibut in mid-late April. Was looking at doing a trip weather permitting during the last two weeks. I have never fished that early in the year in Kachemak bay so any info would be great. I would imagine since the lack of salmon and food they would still be...
  19. slickwilly30

    Kodiak Brown Bear/ Deer Hunt 2010

    Well I would first like to thank Andrew’s air for the exceptional service they provide. They were just as everyone had described. I have never received this kind of service from an air service as I have with them. They were there to cater to everything we needed, from lending us fuel cans to an...
  20. slickwilly30

    8 Pots this year?

    This might have been asked in a previous thread but i couldn't find any info on it. Are we allowed 8 shrimp pots per vessel this year? Any info would be great.

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