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  1. old ephraim

    LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe -(boot)

    LL Bean Maine Hunting boot-size 6-for children-Tough and comfortable. Genuine leather uppers-Quality rubber pac bottoms-Snow and waterproof. Made in USA/Maine- As New-$75
  2. old ephraim

    WTB-Rolex GMT-Submariner

    Want -Broken Rolex Submariner, Explorer or GMT watches. Will purchase as collector. NOT a shop or dealer.
  3. old ephraim

    Women's or child's -LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe

    Size 6-medium-Women's /Kids LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe (boot). As new, superb for snow and icy conditions. Pac rubber bottoms- genuine leather uppers. Women's size 6. Hard boots to come by from LL Bean. Made in USA/Maine. Support this AK forum. $75
  4. old ephraim

    Hawk Heavy .348 WCF bullets-270 grain

    Yes-2 boxes are still available. Leave a reply msg.
  5. old ephraim

    Hawk Heavy .348 WCF bullets-270 grain

    These are excellent bullets in the Model 71 -348 rifle for bear or moose, particularly. Two (2) boxes of 50 bullets each box. .035 jacket. Weight: 270 grain. $45 each box plus a bit for postage. Suitable for 348 or 348 Ackley Improved rifles. Bullets in original HAWK boxes. Similar performance...
  6. old ephraim

    Enfield SMLE 7.62 extractor screw issue

    Extractor screw is VERY stubborn. Think extractor spring is binding on the screw. Ideas for screw removal from bolt head?
  7. old ephraim

    Glenn Gregory-Fairbanks

    Anyone remember Glen Gregory of Fairbanks? I used to co-pilot for Glenn-last airplane he owned was a Maule with floats. I wonder how Wright's Air Service is getting along with their Helio-Couriers? Lt Col Ridge Marriott
  8. old ephraim

    348 WCF factory cartridges F/S

    For Sale : Two (2) boxes-Factory 348 WCF 200 gr FP (40 rds) in original Winchester-Western boxes. Hard to find now. It was not cheap to get these. 2 boxes sold as set: $165 shipped.
  9. old ephraim

    33WCF (33 Winchester) Brass WTB

    Looking for brass in good shape. Also-if you have an old Winchester 1886-you have grown tired of feeding or oiling. All empty brass or ammunition considered.
  10. old ephraim

    33 WCF Brass-WTB

    Could use some 33 WCF brass if you have or sold an old 33 WCF Winchester 1886 and have any bras3 or 33 goods left. Thanks OE-RM
  11. old ephraim

    Annealing bottleneck Cartridges

    Correct Annealing adds to the life of cartridge cases. The neck and shoulder areas get worked pretty hard-especially with forming wildcat cartridges. Brass gets brittle with repeated working. Heat does not temper brass, it softens the metal. With wildcat cartridges like the 35 Whelen, 348 Ack...
  12. old ephraim

    50-70 50-95 Brass F/S 50 Linebaugh

    45 pieces of 50 cal brass*PRIMED* suitable for 50 Linebaugh-50 -70 Govt-or 50-95 WCF. {From 348 WCF} Need FL sizing and trimming. $57 shipped
  13. old ephraim

    450 Alaskan -components-WTB

    Now looking for old set of DIES, brass formed or not-ANY 450 wildcat leftovers from a 450 Alaskan on the 348. Thanks- PM me if you strike pay dirt...................
  14. old ephraim

    33 WCF Brass-WTB

    Wanted 33 WCF brass (And maybe some original ammu-in original boxes) This used to be a popular cartridge in Alaska before the Model 71 in 348WCF. The 33 was chambered in the Winchester 1886 and single shot 1885. Also in the Marlin early 1895. May be interested in reformed 45-70 to 33...
  15. old ephraim

    Flat grizzly head mount-WTB

    Looking for flat head mount thats beat up and moth eaten-priced accordingly. Thanks-
  16. old ephraim

    348 WCF brass

    348 brass is getting rarer, and the prices are getting higher. Graf and Son, Missouri have had some but now out-of-stock. If anyone has 348 components, including bullets & brass-please let me know. RM
  17. old ephraim

    WTB-348 Winchester Brass

    Want to purchase 348 Winchester brass-any mfr including W-W, W Super X;Jamison, or Hornady, Remington. Will consider used or once fired brass. Also interested in premium bullets. May be interested in Winchester Model 71 rifles made in the 1930s-low serial number. May even do some trading.
  18. old ephraim

    Ose Mountain

    Anyone know the Ose folks at Ose Mountain? 130 mile dual trap lines below Wien Lake-SW of Nenana about 45 miles. Homestead-subsistence and adventure operation with some advanced traplines. Interior Alaska. Some articles years back in Fur, Fish, and Game.
  19. old ephraim

    Grizzlies and Mountain bikes (Glacier NP fatality)

    I will try to word this post carefully, with an effort to get the point across, without alienating the target audience. Please bring your patience along with you and leave your judgments at the parking lot. After talking to the Director in person on details, Glacier National Park advised...

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