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    Condolences to Brian M...

    Condolances and prayers to you and your family.
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    Delta buffalo

    Ok. My wife gav e me a reality check. This will be my only opportunity to hunt bison. Given the 10 years between drawing the tag and being eligible to even apply for the drawing again, I'll be too old to do the hunt even if I drew the tag first time eligible. She is urging me to bite the...
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    Delta buffalo

    I have the tag with a hunt start date of Oct 29th. I have no problem paying a reasonable access fee because, after all, it is their property. I did get a letter from a landowner inviting me to hunt there with the caveat that I would have to pay a "trophy" fee of $2000 if I take one. The land...
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    Di 403 2022

    Is there any update on this hunt? I drew the tag and my hunt period now starts on 29 Oct. I will admit worrying a little due an unanticipated slow recovery from knee replacement.
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    Last night out of the back of my truck in Anchorage. Truck has a cover on it. Cabela's 4 man Alaska Guide Model tent with aluminum poles. Bag also has a grey footprint in it. Rain fly has the regular vestibule on it. Nothing to really distinguish it otherwise. Yes, doing the report and...
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    Mulchatna Caribou?

    I've hunted that herd almost every year since 1998. Most of the time in the same area. Personally I think the numbers are down. In the late 90s you would see large herds and numerous animals. Now the herd numbers are smaller, the last two years if you saw a group of more than 10 it was...
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    REd Salmon fishing help

    I need some advice. I have a group of friends from the lower 48 coming middle of June. They want to go red fishing. I'm not sure if I have the knowledge or the patience to take and teach all four of them myself, although one does have some experience. They want to do a guided trip on the...
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    bear worms

    Here's a couple from a grizzly. The worms were throughout the stomach and intestines
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    scalpel blades

    I am working on a bear. A entire box of 100 scalpel blades seems to have disappeared after I had some people at the house. Consequently I'm short of bigger blades. Does anyone know of a local source for blades? I am going to order some more on line but they take awhile to get here and I...
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    Griz Rug

    I asked my taxidermist's wife about colors and this is what we came up with.
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    anchorage taxidermist

    Dave McClannahan, Lone Wolf Taxidermy in Eagle River. 696-3611. Dave is also a memeber here.
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    Hk 4

    I've never seen this before. It appears to be a JK-4 and it has four interchangeable barrels, .22, 7.62, 9mm and I forget the last one. It is new in the box. Has anyone ever seen one before? I'm also trying to look up the value, its part of an estate.
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    Has anyone else noticed the drawing is a mite earlier this year? Or at least it seems like it to me. Highlights•Draw application period begins Nov 1 at 8am and closes Dec 17, 2012 at 5pm
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    Worst fishing trip ever!

    I don't know. Fishing was indeed slow this year but my daughters and I managed to limit out on one of our trips.
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    Kodiak Walmart

    Comngratulations Kodiak! Good luck but I never thought of Kodiak as "remote"
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    JBER Access

    Posted in archery, I thought I would cover both. If you were lucky enough to draw a tag on Ft Rich (JBER) this year, access procedures will be changing. JBER's current recreational access system, USARTRAK, will be replaced with I-Sportsman effective 1 April 2012. This new recreational access...
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    JBER Access

    For those that drew a archery or muzzleloader tag on Ft Rich or Elmendorf (JBER), the access procedures have changed. In the past you had to register in USARTRAK for access then call in. As of 1 April it is changing. JBER's current recreational access system, USARTRAK, will be replaced with...
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    Grizzly-brown bear taxidermist in alaska

    Dave McClannahan, Lone Wolf Taxidermy in Eagle River.
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    Commercial fishermen are castrating the sportfishing in Alaska

    OK, I have to confess, the lack of silvers is all my fault. I went up to Lake Creek over the week end and the four of us limited out in silvers. Sunday took a whole 2 hours to do so. Sorry guys.

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