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  1. markopolo50

    Bowhunter takes state #2 buck while going #2

    My buddy took a dump in the woods one time, and walked away from it. His stand wasn't too far so he sat back down. An hour later he catches movement in the crapper area and there was a doe licking her chops and had toilet paper on her lips. I know dogs will eat it too!!!!
  2. markopolo50

    Bowhunter takes state #2 buck while going #2

    As the story was told, the buck may not have stopped if he hadn't seen something out of the ordinary. Rather be lucky than good sometimes
  3. markopolo50

    Susitna River bridge via Denali Highway

    I'm sure you guys can ride off trail just fine. I thought I could too. I was on a spring bear hunt a few years ago with brwnbr, and we stayed at the Alpine Creek Lodge. I was ok on the road going in, although I was whipped when we got there. We did haul gas and other things in, so it was...
  4. markopolo50

    Alaska losing power over NWR's?

    Got an email from SCI about a vote trying to reverse Obummers actions. Seems the state has lost some power?? Vote is tomorrow.
  5. markopolo50

    2016 North Slope Caribou

    A group of seven of us scheduled a fly out Caribou hunt with Arrowhead outfitters on August 26. Near mile marker 366, after a 20 hour drive, we arrive at their base camp. Their two Maule's are in a lake just a short drive north. Three of us in Grant's truck, Grant who lives in Anchorage, Bob...
  6. markopolo50

    Looking to purchase for a friend, Vacmaster 112,120,210,215???

    I have a friend who just bought a new house in Anchorage and me and another buddy want to get him a nice house warming gift. Of course he is taking us both on another caribou hunt this August on the haul road, so it is also a little payback. I have been looking at the Ary Vacmaster chamber...
  7. markopolo50

    Cruising Alaska

    I have thought about a cruise to Alaska but I always jokingly said they won't let me hunt from the deck, so why go? I would much rather go without the touristy stuff but will have to break down and take the wife one of these years. In the meantime I am going back for caribou south of Deadhorse...
  8. markopolo50

    Polish WZ 48 22 LR Training, Built to look like the M-38 Mosin Nagant Carbines

    When I saw these for sale at enmsports I thought of Stangerinastrangeland, as I believe that is like the M-38 Mosin that he and his wife Agnes shoot. Anybody have one or experience using one of these trainers? I have on old Romanian 22lr trainer that is a unique rifle. Just wondering...
  9. markopolo50

    Dalls Sheep horn removal

    And the second try, and the final attempt. I know what to ask if I ever get a chance to take another sheep, thanks again for the info.
  10. markopolo50

    Dalls Sheep horn removal

    Protaxidermy, that sounds like the best way, instead of boiling the whole horn. Also because mine is double broomed, the ends split and were pretty ragged. I have to show these pics it two posts. Here is the before, as in my avatar, and the first attempt.
  11. markopolo50

    Dalls Sheep horn removal

    I am curious how you guys remove the horns off Dall sheep so they can be cleaned inside the horn? I had one mounted a couple years ago and wasn't happy and had to return it to get it "fixed". I suspect it wasn't handled correctly. It is pretty good now and it is as close as they can get it...
  12. markopolo50

    Show us your wood!

    Weatherby Weatherby I just replaced the stock on a buddies 257 Mark V, makes the original look pretty pale.
  13. markopolo50

    BRWNBR is done guiding....

    And a couple more, thanks again Mark
  14. markopolo50

    BRWNBR is done guiding....

    Well Jake after talking to you tonight, I hope I didn't put you in a bad spot. I sure am sad that I won't be able to go on another hunt with you, but who knows? I certainly enjoyed the sheep hunt last August with you. Best hunt I ever had and the most demanding. Sure enjoyed drinking...
  15. markopolo50

    Henry 22 S,L,LR ?

    A friend has one of the Henry 22's with octogon barrel and about the only thing I didn't like about it was the highlighted writing on the barrel. Of course I am not one for gold engraving but that is just me. Never shot one though and I am like EKC, am about giving up on finding a nice Marlin...
  16. markopolo50

    My sheep hunt with BRWNBR !!

    My long awaited sheep hunt finally started Aug 11 with me and Jake, aka BRWMBR, flying into the Talkeetna mountains. We each had a backpack and the essentials for a 10 day hunt. Landed on a lake and started glassing sheep right away. Of course we have to wait until tomorrow to hunt but it was...
  17. markopolo50

    Hello From Michigan!

    Welcome to Michigan, it isn't all bad down here. I was able to shoot a nice turkey last Monday and enjoy real peace and solitude up in Kalkaska county with an old buddy. Another friend was fishing in Lake Michigan this morning and latched onto a few. All depends where you are and what you...
  18. markopolo50

    Winchester Powerpoint?

    I am looking at Winchester powerpoint 180 grain bullets to load for my 300 win mag. Any suggestions on the bullet? I know Winchester web site says they are good for moose size animals. Any good or bad experiences with these bullets? I normally use Nosler partitions and have had good luck...
  19. markopolo50

    M1 Garand, first one but...

    Always wanted a M1 Garand because my Dad carried one in WWII. Dad never talked to us kids much about the war as he got shot up pretty bad and bad memories I assume. He passed away 6 years ago so I am sol. Anyway there was a story in the local paper about a guy, about my age and his father...
  20. markopolo50

    Eagle nest cam

    A little late in the game as they hatched around April 3rd, but still cool to watch. Live feed from an eagle nest in Iowa. Pretty neat to watch the adults bring in the groceries and feed the babies.

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