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  1. AKnook

    Cabelas fish tank

    Thought I would share this... I read that Cabelas was going to use wild Kenai trout to stock their fish tank. Here's some more info regarding this.
  2. AKnook

    What are you having for dinner tonight

    Last night we enjoyed some grilled lamb marinated over night in red wine, garlic, rosemary and salt pepper. Some rice, green beans mixed in salt & peper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a green salad as well as a caprese salad.
  3. AKnook

    Ice fishing pics!

    Went out with my boys and found a few willing biters....
  4. AKnook

    Summer of Rainbows?

    Early June rainbow from the Kenai this year.....What a dink compared to G smolt's beast...Dang man! What a fish!
  5. AKnook

    Ice Fishing Tackle and Bait Thread

    Doesn't look like much but the tail moves on the aero jig is irresistable!
  6. AKnook

    Ice fishing pics!

  7. AKnook

    Ice fishing pics!

    A few from today...
  8. AKnook

    Big lake area lakes ice thickness

    First outing of the season First outing of the season Thanks for the website! Hit a big lake area lake this afternoon with the wife for the first time this year. Seeing a car on the lake made my wife a little more at ease with walking out on the lake. Only another group on the lake but they...
  9. AKnook

    Big lake area lakes ice thickness

    Just curious if anyone has any information on the ice on the lakes near big lake. Lynn lake, the beaver lakes etc. Any info on the ice thickness would be apprecuiated. I wouldn't mind going this weekend if the lakes are fishable. This itch is getting worse! Thanks!
  10. AKnook

    Worst fishing trip ever!

    Yes, I went too. Haha!
  11. AKnook

    Headed south, looking for rainbows, dollies or silvers - any suggestions?

    From the Russian last Sunday. I lost a rainbow bigger than this dolly.
  12. AKnook

    DAGG NABB BEES!!!!! and then oops... GREAT FRIGGIN IDEA!

    I have had a little run in with some yellow jackets my self Vince.....I couldn't believe the size of this hive and couldn't believe that I didn't notice it as it was being constructed. It was extremely close to my backyard door and close to where my boys play. Because I have 3 year old boys it...
  13. AKnook

    kenai river bows

    Floated the upper this weekend and the water was high and a little murky. A lot of tomatoes with some chrome mixed in. Definatley had to work hard to find the chrome fish. 4 bows were caught as well with flesh. Fun times!
  14. AKnook

    Fishing pics 2012

    Seward silver
  15. AKnook

    Fishapalooza 2012

    Sportsman's. They are now three so it makes it a bit easier. Soon they will cast a line at them with their dad. Congrats again.
  16. AKnook

    Fishapalooza 2012

    Congrats Dan. Even though you won't make it to Palooza this year that is a great reason not to be. I try not to let my little guys not cut into my fishing time......they come along. They were born in 2009 2 months premie and on the rivers at 3 months old.... Little Su Jim Creek
  17. AKnook


    Yet another reason why farmed salmon are sooo delicious!
  18. AKnook

    Grayling Pics

    One more.
  19. AKnook

    Grayling Pics

    Here is one from Clearwater.
  20. AKnook

    some fish other than salmon..

    Well....actually rafted the Kenai this last weekend in search of sockeyes but came prepared for rainbows as well. We didn't see any sockeye in the water at all. Actually, we seen one that was all beat up but that was it, no salmon. We seen a few jumpers but nothing worth staying in one spot...

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