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  1. duckslayer56

    Finally got out on the ice

    Ran up to one of my favorite lakes yesterday for a scouting trip to see if the ice is ready to fish. Got out on the ice and found it was about 10 inches thick, not quite ready for driving the truck out to my favorite spot, but we decided it was thick enough to walk out. Got out to the spot and...
  2. duckslayer56

    Legal or not?

    Alright folks, I’m having some debate with some friends about this Moose I shot in 20A on Thursday. I had an any bull tag so it’s a moot point, but I think this is a fork what do you think...if you’ve only got a harvest ticket do you shoot or let it walk? In any case, it’s a good bull to get out...
  3. duckslayer56

    Confession of an Alaskan Master Guide

    Can't figure out how to rotate the pic, but I'm just hoping this makes me as cool as you Jake!
  4. duckslayer56

    USFWS decreasing daily bag limit of Pintails to 1 per day

    Been hearing about this lately, this is supposed to take effect next year, and when this happens hunting ducks in AK is going to be difficult. Brown pintails are going to be hard for a lot of people to distinguish from say a gadwall in the early morning. It's my understanding the USFWS sets the...
  5. duckslayer56

    Moose locking tag

    I drew an any bull moose tag this year for 20A (DM770), I received my paper tag, but F&G says they're going to mail out a metal locking tag so other hunters can ID I have the any bull tag and not call the troopers on me for having a less than 50 inch bull. It's pretty close to go time and I...
  6. duckslayer56


    Anybody in the south central area every try to grow hops? I've recently gotten into beer making, and would like to try growing my own when I get back. I'm wondering if I can raise my own hops in my back yard. I'm guessing the plant will grow pretty well, but will it produce cones?
  7. duckslayer56

    Heather's Choice

    I've been hearing about Heather's Choice meals for a while on the Gritty Bowmen podcast, and am thinking about giving it a shot this year. I looked at her ingredients and it looks like her food is really top notch, loaded with much more protein, fat (the good kind), and other nutrients that are...
  8. duckslayer56

    What is in your Backcountry First Aid kit?

    I'm reevaluating my first aid kit and just wondering what other people are carrying. Mine consists of: Leukotape mole skin bandaids extra strength tylenol imodium AD (anti-diarrhea) cleaning wipes superglue rubber gloves lighter melatonin I'm curious to see what everybody else is carrying, to...
  9. duckslayer56

    Missouri Snow Goose hunt report

    Day 4 Day 4 Day 4 dawns. We're all kind sad it's the last day but look forward to hopefully another great day of hunting. We meet up in the same field as the day before. We repositioned the blinds the night before because the wind was going to be coming out of the south west so we'd be trying...
  10. duckslayer56

    Missouri Snow Goose hunt report

    Day 3 Day 3 The next day dawns and Matt tells us we're going to be hunting a different field. They killed over 60 geese in the field the day before so we were looking forward to it. We were going to have a weird wind that day so we were going to be setting up to pass shoot more than shooting...
  11. duckslayer56

    Missouri Snow Goose hunt report

    Me and Tony flew into Kansas City on Thursday, hit Rogers sporting goods and got our conservation order permits to be legal to hunt, then headed to Mound City, then checked into the hotel. We woke up 0400 the next morning and headed out to the corn field and met our Guide Matt. We got our blinds...
  12. duckslayer56

    Drawing tags out tomorrow! Good luck all!

    My thought every time I hear something outside. Hopefully with baiting restrictions removed I can finally get to sleep at night.
  13. duckslayer56

    Anybody going out for snow geese this spring?

    Spring snow geese are starting to heat up. Looks like 200,000 just hit the refuge we hunt by in Missouri, and hopefully more to come over the next couple weeks. Me and Tony are heading out at the end of Feb, anybody else heading out this spring to hunt snows?
  14. duckslayer56

    IMR4007SSC Recall

    Just saw this pop up on my facebook and confirmed it on IMR's website. PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING AND RECALL NOTICE FOR IMR®4007SSC POWDER Shawnee KS, September 2, 2015 IMR Legendary Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR...
  15. duckslayer56

    Coming Back!

    Just got an email notifying me today that I'll be heading back up to Alaska permanently in October! Can't wait to change my location back to Wasilla on my profile in a couple months and get out and hunt ducks with you guys again!
  16. duckslayer56

    2 Alaskans go to MA and RI to chase some eiders

    We woke up the next morning and notice its considerably warmer this time. We'd been hunting in weather ranging from 8 degrees to 18 degrees, It was 36 this morning, and really cloudy. We meet Jeremiah at the usual spot and head towards a different ramp in Rhode Island. We were hunting the same...
  17. duckslayer56

    2 Alaskans go to MA and RI to chase some eiders

    Just before lunch Jeremiah asks us what they have to eat in that we don't have in AK...Me and Tony thought about it for a while and both said Lobster. Jeremiah says, OK, you guys go get lunch and I'm going to head down to the docks and buy some. We didn't want him to spend a bunch of money on...
  18. duckslayer56

    2 Alaskans go to MA and RI to chase some eiders

    The next morning we get up and meet at the usual spot, this time we drive about 40 miles and end up launching on a little beach. Jeremiah has another group with us this time, and tells us it's going to be a little rough so hold on. After about 30 min of running all out in 3 foot rollers we...
  19. duckslayer56

    2 Alaskans go to MA and RI to chase some eiders

    After eating a delicious sausage, bacon and ham omlet and swapping duck hunting and Alaska stories over the table, we headed out to lake about 20 miles away. We pulled up to the boat ramp and discovered a lot of ice on the lake. Jeremiah got excited, he was saying this was good because the birds...
  20. duckslayer56

    2 Alaskans go to MA and RI to chase some eiders

    Unfortunately we weren't able to do an afternoon hunt that evening due to the bad weather, and we needed to head to Rhode Island to buy our licenses and stamps. Massachusetts sells licenses online so we were good for MA, but Rhode Island doesn't, and the closest place we could find that sold...

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