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  1. AKducks

    Birch Creek and BLM

    Sorry Larry didn't see this post till today, totally wanted to attend. That's an area I've wanted to explore. Thank you for posting this kind of information and trying to get/keep people involved.
  2. AKducks

    Comments requestd on Bear Baiting Ban in National Preserves in AK

    right, the check was for bait and checking cameras, the idea was once we got consistent bears coming in we would start sitting at the stand/ hunting it. but never got that consistent hitting.
  3. AKducks

    Comments requestd on Bear Baiting Ban in National Preserves in AK

    ok so I don't want to start a big debate but I'm going to make a comment: I baited for 3 years and never shot a bear, had bears come in but never had a chance at one. baiting aint as easy as it sounds. its a lot of work and lots of commitment. I would visit my site once a week adding bait...
  4. AKducks

    Steelhead - Cutthroat on POW Island?

    never fished POW, but most of SE that I've fished Steelhead are an late April to early May spawning fish. I would call fish and game and ask, they would likely give you pretty good info on when.
  5. AKducks

    A Good Town in SE to Do a Deer Hunt From the Road System?

    Juneau is a hard place to hunt the road system, pretty much there are only a few deer on the mainland and from what I've heard Douglas deer population is pretty low. If I were going to Juneau I would look into flying to Admiralty island and hunting there (more deer for sure!) a flight to...
  6. AKducks

    "Massacre on the Steese"
  7. AKducks

    Situk Trip

    Heading to the Situk this spring (April 17-20)! its been 6 years since I've been there and I'm noticing a large lack in my steelhead fly selection! so outside the normal recommendations (Dolly Lamas, ESLs,beads, Eggs) What flies would you recommend? my buddy was suggesting some liquid Wrench...
  8. AKducks

    Any Upper Chena Reports?

    Any one been to the upper chena? how's the fishing been? Is the water clear (the gauge says the water level is still really high). Thanks!
  9. AKducks

    FMA moose

    Anyone got a Moose in the Fairbanks Management Area yet? I've seen 3 cows so far and talked to one guy who was at full draw when a car spooked the moose (unintentionally).
  10. AKducks

    hiking to haley creek

    Ok so I'm going down dip netting this week with a group of guys. The guy leading the trip (owner of the boat) was thinking of instead of trying to make two trips down. he would just take a couple guys and the gear down and start fishing and two of us could hike down and meet them at . I want to...
  11. AKducks

    Any Klutina reports?

    I was thinking about hitting the Klutina this weekend but reports from chitina make it seem like most of the fish are still downstream. Anyone been down there fishing yet?
  12. AKducks

    Game changer

    Game changer:
  13. AKducks

    Any Fur Yet?

    I've gotten 4 muskrat so far this year. A good friend has 1 marten, anyone else get anything yet?
  14. AKducks

    Haul Road Moose Hunt last minute Advice

    Heading up the Haul road Saturday trying to fill my DM920 tag. My plan right now is to hang around Sukakpak mountain try to get high and glass for moose. If anyone has any last minute pointers feel free to let me know. If you see a black Buick Rainer parked feel free to stop by and say hi!
  15. AKducks

    Grayling and hot weather?

    Ok so Friday night (June 17). we went up the Chena to one of our favorite spots, got out and started fishing. nothing... fished almost every fly in my box (Stone fly's, Pheasant tails, copper johns, Gnats, other dries, woolly buggers, smolt) could not catch a fish. well we then found a small...
  16. AKducks

    Possible Bait Station move

    So a baiting partner and I are discussing moving our bait station a little ways (less then a mile). We've baiting this spot the spot the past two years and have been hit right at the end of the season (first year was June 20th and last year we went out to pull the station and the bears had...
  17. AKducks

    Fellow Haul Road Moose Permit hunters!

    who drew a Haul road moose permit (DM920/DM922)? I drew DM920 this year! already have tentative plans to head up mid September and hunt a long week try to hike and get up high so I can glass a long ways. might try to get the wife to come along too (September is really busy for her at work so I...
  18. AKducks

    First Marten!

    This is my second year trapping by myself,first year I got skunked so I changed spots. This year I found a location withlots of rabbit and fox tracks and as I set my line ( the first weekend inDecember) I did find some Marten tracks. The next weekend I hurried out to myline to check my traps...
  19. AKducks

    Watch yourself out there Watch out moose hunters! We need to remember that we are hunting on display,and that just because something is legal doesn't mean...
  20. AKducks

    Need some help

    hey, I'll get right too it, last night while sledding behind afriend’s house I lost my keys! I was wondering if someone knew of a place in Fairbanksthat may rent metal detectors. Thanks!

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