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    Stolen Firearms - Sako .338 and Rossi .22

    NRA membership carries firearm insurance also
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    UDAP Bear Shock Electric Fence

    I have a like new unused a UDAP Bear Shock Electric Fence These sell in the $270 category It was used once. It comes with 8 poles that are 3 peace, 2 grounding posts, spool of 3 electric wire which will cover a 27 Foot square or any other...
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    Eddie Bauer Premium Goose Down Camo Coverall Med

    I have a like new, no rips stains or worn spots including the neck sleeves and lower legs. SMOKE FREE HOME It is a waffled Premium Goose down with no stains or defects. It is a medium and I kept it figuring I would eventually be able to wear it but the years have not been kind to me. The...
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    Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC
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    Flying "Reindeer" on a subsistence caribou tag...........OK ????

    My successful hunt up north My successful hunt up north I had a rather short hunt this year as they all came at once and ya gotta do what ya gotta do
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    Brown Bear Hunt 9/2013

    Place. South of Yakutat Alaska time: 9/11 through 9/21 Weather conditions, temp 40 to 50 degrees, rain to more rain Hunt condition: River hunt over sockeye salmon run Rifle: Browning A bolt 375 H&H Ammo: Handloaded Swift A Frame 300 grain and 300 grain Failsafe Guide: Gary Gray/Scott...
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    Baggage question on Alaska Airlines

    I have a tuffpak type gun case and also a 36" hard case, would the tuff pak incurr the over sized chages since it is over the 63" or do they make exceptions for firearms, can't seem to fine an answer on their web site. They say golf clubs would not but they don't address longer gun cases

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