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    springfield 10 XDM

    Does anyone on here have one of these? Trying to decide if its worth pursuing instead of a Glock.
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    general terrain question

    Is it possible to find some decent "cub" strips in 13 E. It seems that folks have a decent time finding spots in the mountains around the Talkeetna but I'm wondering about north of there. Just generally speaking not loooking for specific strips. PM is fine thanks in advance.
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    inflatable boat

    Looking for any experiences folks have with a good infaltable boats and or motors in a small plane. I have a Experimental producer. Any cub or pacer guys out there that have a favorite. I would like something that would work on some remote lakes and a float hunt or two, handle a moose and a...
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    Please be careful.

    Take a moment to pause and reflect. A sad event. A reminder to not let your guard down. Please do not respond too this thread with any negative comments. Just pause and reflect a moment on your own desicion making in the mountains. I am headed out late next week with my 15 and 17 year old in...
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    Big Agnes Farwell bag

    Does anyone have one of these bags? I am looking seriously at purchasing one. Want a 0 degree bag and am leaning toward synthetic. I really like the BA sleep system concept and am a cold sleeper. I want the bag to do most of my camping into mid winter in PWS area. Thoughts? Really hoping...
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    Draw fees

    Is it 5 or 10 (not sure which) dollars for most and 15 for Bison. I can't remember for sure and do not want to wait for the apps to come out. The supplement is on line but no info about prices that I can see.
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    1st to the 3rd

    Gonna be out near Fairmont/unakwik Next week need a hand or passing by give a shout, "C" Haven
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    Any one near wasilla

    Maybe someone could check this out.
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    Any idea?

    Shot this little fella near Matanuska glacier last week any one have an idea what kind of bird, looked like a little Hawk of some kind
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    Chena Dome trail

    Has anyone completed this trip in two days and one nigth. we are thinkingh of doing this in late July or Early Aug. Any experience on this trail would be very helpful. Thanks.
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    Safe for a dog?

    Would you hunt your dog in 38 degree water and if so how long/what would you do or need to do to keep the dog comfortable. What kind of dog and any experience would really be helpfull thanks. I am considering getting a lab and am wondering if this situation would be something I could use the...
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    Missing Deeks

    I "lost" four Mallard Deeks the other day, I left them in place and someone took them. It was less than 24 hours so it is not like they had seen them a couple of times as I have never left them out before. I am flabbergasted that people are so anxious to pick stuff up that they would grab those...
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    First large caliber rifle for my boy

    My son (15) has decided that he is ready to make the investement. I believe he has settled on getting a 300 win mag or rem ultra. Something close that was a good deal would be considered. My question is and the problem at hand, he needs a left hand rifle because his eyes are wired wrong :)...
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    smoked salmon

    Do you have a good recipe. Anyone ever try anything with Teryaki or other flavors. Thanks.
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    Hard bottom inflatable

    I am looking at buying a 12 or 14 footer and am wondering what people have. I have one with an inflatabel keel now and want a rigid one. Thanks.
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    I am retarded

    I am not very good at searching the internet I get confused. I want to find a uncomplicated explanation of the rules governing transporting for hunting and fishing in the state. Specifically by boat. Also what constitutes guiding for waterfowl and do you have to have a guide license. If any...
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    Steve with DS140 Call me 229-9577, Bill

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